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UnRally-III Dates and Location Announcement!!!!!!!!!


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Greetings everybody!


Leslie and I are very pleased to announce that after much deep thought, thorough research, and careful consideration, a location and dates for the next UnRally are ready for release! For those of you who need to arrange vacation as far in advance as possible, mark your calendars now for:


July 12th-15th, 2004 in Cody, Wyoming!


Please wait to make your reservations until we have confirmed the headquarters location (they are currently closed and on vacation for the next few weeks). But don't worry--there is plenty of camping (some wooded and streamside) and plenty of hotels/motels right across the street. And all of this within only blocks of the famous museums and historic downtown shopping and tourist attractions.


Cody is located midway on an arc between Paonia, Co (Top of the Rockies Rally, July 8th-12th) and Spokane, WA (BMWMOA National Rally, July15th-18th) and will fit perfectly in between the two rallies for those who would like to be able to catch all three events in only 11 days! The roads in the surrounding area are absolutely beautiful and we already have 4-5 scenic loops mapped out which go through such treats as the Beartooth Pass area and Yellowstone National Park, etc. Cody sits at the hub of a six spoked wheel of fun roads--most of which are Nationally Designated Scenic Byways--and Cody is a very motorcycle friendly town!


Details are still being finalized, but we wanted to get the dates and location out ASAP so you all could plan your busy summer schedules. We realize this is further west again this year, but it ties in well with the BMWMOA National Rally, which might draw even more folks to try to catch them both--or you might even stop by Paonia on your way through! Perhaps some of our eastern brothers and sisters will step up to volunteer (or be volunteered wink.gif ) to be next year's UnRally UnOrganizers, and find a beautiful location in the eastern part of North America for 2005! laugh.gif Or how about a EU-UN-Rally or even a Down-UN(der)-Rally??!!


Cody and the surrounding area has so much to offer the rider and non-riding tourist alike! Those of you with non-riding SO's and family members may even give consideration to bringing them along just to meet some of your on-line friends, share the cameraderie and enjoy the many attractions the area has to offer. Yeeha Stephen and Miss Vicki posted a terrific "Ride Tale" detailing how wonderfully romantic, a non-riding-centered UnRally experience could be--and yet still share the fellowship of your riding friends from across the country! We will post more details and information about the area soon, but for now check out the following links:




Buffalo Bill's Yellowstone Country, www.pctc.org





Hope to see many of you next July--and this time you only have to go crazy with anticipation for less than 8 1/2 months!

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You guys are the epitome of "take it and run with it." I love it. The location and dates sound great.


For the record, I asked Jamie and Leslie to research things, use their judgment, and just announce a time/place. They didn't go with my suggestion, so there's no favoritism here! smile.gif But ever since Jamie called a couple of days ago with "the recommended choice," I've really warmed to the idea.


This won't work for some of you folks, but designing something like this doesn't work with a huge committee. So if you can make it work this time, plan on being there. If you can't, there's always next year. Everything is a compromise, in other words.


Jamie/Leslie: great work, as always! wink.gif

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Cody is just so cool ! Its simply a stupenduous ride up the Cheif Joseph to the Beartooth ...... Great choice ! I personally cant commit at this time on attending but never the less there are so many choices for accomidation whether it be indoors or out thats not of consequence for now anyway .....

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Very cool...I wasn't going to hit Spokane next year but now if I can tie it all together w/ TOR, the Un, and then the National, well, that changes things. Count me IN!

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ManOhMan this smells like a campout! I've never been there! I rode across Wyoming in a driving rain once. Didn't see a thing!


1300 miles from Chicago on a godforsaken route through Iowa/Nebraska. Been there, done that in my sleep.


At first I thought, this is a 3 day ride and then once I saw the route I thought it could be a BB if I detour a wee bit. wink.gif In any event, it's a easy two day slab out of Chicago.


I wonder if they rent bikes in Cheyenne? wink.gif


Forget the T-Shirts! We need cowboy hats this time!

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Wow! What a great choice, and so unexpected. Cody is outstanding and it will give me an excuse to hit Lander, WY on the way up and camp in the Winds.


Truly beautiful country!

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IN,IN,IN.you two are the Best. I always go West in July so this is perfect.

You know, I heard a rumor that you did have help with the selection. Something about a map, a dart and a guy named Socko or sockie or like that.

Oh, There are No Dealers in Wyo so all you guys who pack all sorts of spares please bring everything in case I need to borrow. I'll bring my famous match, the tool that can fix anything!!!


02 RT "Rusty"

01 Freightlinner "Frankie"

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Ummm, you guys ARE kidding aren't you ???????????


Calgary to Cody, WY is 1125 km via Red Lodge, Beartooth and SR 296 (Chief Joseph Scenic Highway). A long day, but there's about 16 hours of sunlight at that time of year. Then I can just stay and drink and kick around town for a day or two, then go back via SR 296, Beartooth and Red Lodge smile.gif


PLUS I already had the week off to go to the MOA!!!!


Could you make this any better? I think not.


Mike Cassidy

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I was planning on going to MOA and have the maps from all the surrounding states. This is perfect! Count me in. It will be my first Unrally and first MOA rally.


And for those of you coming from the east. Let me know, there are a number of great routes across Nebraska. You don't want to just take I-80 ... there are some great state highways across the state and you can make just as good time.

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RIGHT ON !!! GREAT CHOICE !!! Yellowstone alone is worth the trip and there is so much more to see and do there. Perfect timing too. I am R E A D Y.

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Oh-so close to Beartooth, Yellowstone and the Tetons, not to mention the Bighorns???








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What a great idea! I have always wanted to go to the Top of the Rockies Rally as well as Cody! I hope you will let a Honda ST1100 attend!

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What a great choice for accessability for riders from the extreme outposts. I have pencilled it in and am going to do my best to attend. I am excited at the prospect of meeting some of the folks who I have corresponded with on this board. I am looking forward to the opportunity to show everyone how short you can be and still ride an RT grin.gif

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It's just a short ride down the road to Thermopolis and one of the largest natural hot springs in the world. You can rent a suit and a towel or bring your own.

If you have any interest in old firearms the Buffalo Bill Museum has one of the largest collections I have ever seen. They also have lots of the items from the old wild west show too.

Nice call Jamie Cody is a neat town with a rodeo every day of the summer.


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Are Jamie and Ron really the same person??

I have been wanting to go to an UNrally and a MOA rally so this is perfect.


I think I even have enough senority to get those weeks off. grin.gif

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Wowzer... sounds like you nailed it, Jamie & Leslie! One of the most spectacular parts of the country. Myself and Kim are going to try to get a bulk of time off to attend all three events.


Will not miss this like we did this year.

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A big IN!


It would be easy to stop right here, but I can't. This may be my absolute favorite area to ride in the entire country. I have been on motorcycle or car trips here at least a dozen times, never have tired of it, and never was disappointed.


Gunnison was great. The roads were incredible. Well, as good as the area was round Gunnison, I think this is even more spectacular. If all you did was ride up and down the Beartooth Highway each day, you'd feel fulfilled. Add in the Bighorns, a side trip to Yellowstone, the Tetons, Jackson (WY), Red Lodge (MT), and you may not want to leave to go to the MOA.


The Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument is close enough to visit, and worth it if you're a fan of Custer lore. Access to Cody may take you past the Black Hills and Devil's Tower if you're coming from the east, and various mountain ranges of Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, and Montana from most every other direction.


If you're disappointed with this location, you may as well sell your bike and stay home with the remote. It truly does not get much better. Did I mention that I love this area. I'd be in this are next summer even if there wasn't going to be the Unrally. If you ever needed an excuse to take a motorcycle trip west, this is it. Do not miss it! Thanks, Jaime and Leslie. You sure did pick it this time!! grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif

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Absolutely outstanding location. But I don't know if I can go. Bought a new house. Gonna likely use most of my accrued vacation time to move in and set it up (Thanksgiving week --- and we only get Thurs off). Even if I manage to overburden my wife and get back to work a few days sooner, we're not allowed more than two successive days off from April - Oct (our busy season --- someone has to be here to make sure all you riders get what you need).


I can use Sun/Mon to get up there. One day of meeting folks at the rally (Tues) leaving that night and heading back to L.A. If I make it home by Wed night and am at work on Thurs, I'll be OK. I don't need sleep. I'll have plenty of time to sleep when I'm as old as Wurty.


Man, I'm gonna have to do some REAL wrangling to pull this one off. Don't want to miss two UNs in a row!

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Even if I manage to overburden my wife and get back to work a few days sooner, we're not allowed more than two successive days off from April - Oct (our busy season --- someone has to be here to make sure all you riders get what you need).
Fernando, maybe you can go to Cody in an official capacity for your work? You know, like set up a booth or something. That way, you can have a vacation without it technically being a vacation....


PS: Congrats on the new home. Moving is sooooo much fun! wink.gif

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Poor choice in my estimation. blush.gif

Should have been Sturgis SD first week in Aug. grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif.


Excellent rides up there it will be great.



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Hooray! That's at least as good a choice as Gunnison was, and maybe better. As a town, I prefer Cody to G'son, and the surrounding country is just as good.


A couple years ago I wrote this


up for some friends who were coming to Sturgis from Florida. Although it starts in Sturgis it's mostly about northern Wyoming. Some here might find it interesting.





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Many thanks for the story and pics. I've seen some but will do the rest next summer following your advise.

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Yeeeeee.......... Haw!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gotta go shopping for a Hat & Boots grin.gif ........My boots are made of leather and I got a cowboy hat. My gun is in my holster and I have layette.




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IN! (I hope!)

I'm starting to count days - I promise I won't start a thread NOW with a daily post of days missing. May be later...

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Wow, talk about timing! At lunch today I was plotting a route west, just west, and here it is! Gotta do my Iron Butt and all this the same week. Annette is going to KILL me!! Oh well, what's another road trip? Yes, the cowboy hat will come out of the closet! See you'all there!


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Last time I was in Wy, it was -40f and snowing. Hopefully the weather is better in July than it is in December. wink.gif



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