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  2. Rougarou

    Do you change your own tires, if so what do you use?

    Changed the rear GSA tire yesterday. Removed the wheel, put the new tire and old tire/wheel in the sun while I cut the yard. Finished yard, laid the wheel on an old seat cushion (prevents sliding, scratching doesn't matter to me), proceeded to use the hand tools, removed old, mounted new (I don't balance rear wheels), back on bike, in maybe ten minutes, add another two or three for removal, and a single tire is about 15 minutes, add balancing for the front, about five minutes, and you can do a tire in as little as 20 minutes (if warm, cold tires, adds time (for me)). I use this stuff:
  3. Image: Sylvain Guintoli brings his family along for the ride in his latest series of videos, which include a hairy moment at Cadwell Park! View the full article
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  5. Image: What if KTM revived its RC8 sportsbike using the engine and technology from the Super Duke 1290? You'd probably get something like this... View the full article
  6. BamaJohn

    Right Now!

    Great idea; great Z; and great photos...thanks for sharing!
  7. Veefore

    Guy Martin / Hiltz

    Awesome, thanks for the share. Guy is one of us.
  8. chrisolson

    Top pages not updating

    Yep ! Hopefully mine does't auto update ... but actually I've switched over to using Firefox most often anyway.
  9. roadscholar

    Right Now!

    Few more.
  10. Janky59

    Do you change your own tires, if so what do you use?

    As RecentConvert posted, the zip tie method works. I’ done it 3-4 times. The main effort is squeezing the beads together and working the zip ties to get them touching each other. An extra set of hands would help but I can never get my wife or teenage girls out in the garage 😊 I drifted away from this method and these days stick with tire irons, lube and rim protectors. Many of the points poster Randy makes are spot on, the drop center is your friend!
  11. roadscholar

    Right Now!

    We got out for another picnic/drive today, surprised to find the little roadside park we've stopped before open, nearly all the other city, county, and state parks have been closed. Stayed inland today revisiting some of rural old Florida, nice day for a cruise.
  12. chrisolson

    Covert -19

    If there are any left. Here in Arizona there are a couple of franchise chains that are most prevalent for no appointment walk-in traffic, but the industry seems pretty low paid with constantly changing employees . How will customers make the assessment that its safe to have some stranger in such close contact ? That might take months.
  13. Hosstage

    Covert -19

    I'm not letting my wife near mine, I'll end up looking like LLoyd from Dum and Dummer!
  14. spacewrench

    "New" R1100S redux - again! (Hopefully...)

    Speaking of turn signal stalks, I broke one the other day, so I bought a replacement from BMW ($17-ish). But it looked pretty simple, plus I was wanting some practice with 3D modeling, so I put together a printable model. I haven't printed it yet, but if anybody wants to try making a stalk, I can send the files. (There are features on top and bottom, so I split it in half for easier printing. You'll have to glue the two parts together, but I'm optimistic that it'll be a reasonable replacement that'll be cheaper than OEM and give you something useful to print so you can tell your spouse that your "toy" 3D printer is actually really worth what you paid for it.)
  15. Selden

    RE: Groceries

    I was prescribed a pint of coffee/hour for asthma when I was a kid, and developed a lifelong distaste for the American stuff. But espresso and Turkish coffee are fine. Genuine Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi Turkish coffee is available through Amazon. An order of three 250g cans generally lasts me about 2 months. With COVID-19 cases going up rapidly in Turkey over the past week, I need to keep tabs on supply. Unlike espresso, the only equipment required to brew Turkish coffee is a cezve/ibrik. Also unlike espresso, the grounds are in the bottom of the cup, so you have to be careful toward the end. DAMHIK.
  16. Bud

    Covert -19

    Nancy cut mine this week.
  17. Hosstage

    Covert -19

    I don't know that I would go to the barber right now, but as soon as it seems safe, I will try to be first in line, they are going to be working overtime.
  18. chrisolson

    Covert -19

    Will long hair on men become a new trend as barber shops close for an undefined period ... and if they were open would you go?
  19. Bill_Walker

    Top pages not updating

    It's working fine now on my other computer, also running 13.0.5. So maybe it's a Safari 13.1 issue.
  20. Bill_Walker

    Ted Porter's Beemer Shop

    Because of COVID-19, even air traffic is a lot lighter now, so the plane was able to make especially good time.
  21. Bill_Walker

    Sage advice from Bondurant

    I've been fortunate enough to have done four different track schools, two in cars (Skip Barber and Bondurant) and two on bikes (Spencer and Cal Superbike), and while the curriculum varied, monitoring your vision and your fatigue level was stressed in all of them. You've got to stay ahead of the vehicle and not target fixate. California Superbike School, in particular, has a number of drills in their first two levels that work on developing your visual skills. I highly recommend it. Not cheap, but it's the single biggest performance improvement you can make to your bike.
  22. Bill_Walker

    Tank Bag Suggestions Please

    As I said, I have no clearance problems, with either me or the bike.
  23. Janky59

    coming clean

    You are right Prof, this one is at Cross Country in NJ. I saw it many times on Cycle Trader during my hunt. But my heart pined for Mars Red and I found one, a leftover ‘18 in PA.
  24. Warren Dean

    Beautiful design

    Great analogies...I owned a '64 Bonney but never an E-Type...timeless beautiful designs. True beauty is always appealing.
  25. Rinkydink

    Covert -19

    I wondered that also. Nothing’s free...expect the worse and if not I’ll be pleasantly surprised.
  26. Bud

    Covert -19

    Wonder if we will have to claim it as income on our 2020 tax return?
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