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  2. Well, it was posted two and a half years ago....
  3. Image: Motorcycles and the value they offer the UK has been discussed in the halls of power, and a new DfT minister who rides is right at the heart of it View the full article
  4. Bud

    The Forum Coffee Club

    Back in the day when the Micky D's club was meeting, I made coasters for all the old pharts I drank with.
  5. ApacheDriver

    2016 BMW R1200RS Premium Package, Panniers, Ride Modes Pro

    No reply from seller. Assuming that this one is SOLD...?
  6. This system isn’t designed/intended for the likes of you or I (nor likely any board member here) but rather for the urban masses that lack the ability or desire to maintain (charge) their vehicles battery.
  7. Today
  8. Wonderful, I get to pay them money to allow me to swap out my relatively new battery with only 10 duty cycles for one with 300 duty cycles. Or maybe in my favor, I get to swap out my well used 500 duty cycle battery that will barely hold 3/4 of a charge for someone else's 10 duty cycle like-new battery. I wonder if we can get them to do tires along with batteries?
  9. wbw6cos

    The Forum Coffee Club

    You should have posted the storm was a-brewing. The Forum Coffee Club, right?
  10. Bernie

    The Forum Coffee Club

    We may actually get some rain for a change. Nice coffee maker.
  11. MikeB60

    The Forum Coffee Club

    Mornin' yall. How bout that storm this morning!
  12. As per forum rules you need to post a picture of the actual item for sale. Ed Staff
  13. Image: This could genuinely be the most sensible solution for electric scooter & motorcycle commuting, swapping out batteries at the Gogoro network. View the full article
  14. wbw6cos

    Youtube videos worth watching

    So, you think you know Journey?
  15. Image: Paul Smart, one of the UK's most prominent racers of the 1970s in both GP and the Isle of Man TT, has died following a road traffic accident View the full article
  16. Skywagon

    Apple issues warning to motorcyclists who use iPhone

    Nor did my 7+ which has about 40k on bikes and countless hours in my boat.
  17. Glenn Reed

    My Dad passed away

    Randy, Sorry I am late in commenting, but I have not been on the board too much in the past few years. I am very glad for you that you got so many years with him, and yet it still hurts like heck when you lose your Dad. Wishing you strength and peace.
  18. Hosstage

    Road Trip Woes

    But if you try, please make a video!
  19. roadscholar

    Road Trip Woes

    I'd think twice about putting a 900lb Road Glide on that little trailer. Plus with a 63.5 inch wheelbase it may not fit on the rail, not to mention tire width, I'd at least have them measure both. And check the 1x6 ramp, that ain't happenin : )
  20. The I phone 13 add shows it being used on a delivery scooter. Problems solved or just cute marketing?
  21. marcopolo

    UN RALLY 2022 DATES - June 26 -30th

    Lester, the U.S. border will be open to fully-vaccinated Canadians by November 8th, as I recall. You should be good to go by next summer!
  22. John Ranalletta

    Road Trip Woes

    Suggestion: https://nwct.craigslist.org/tro/d/sherman-motorcycle-trailer-lightweight/7393076593.html
  23. MichiganBob

    Road Trip Woes

    Really. I thought you can drop a U-Haul rental at any U-Haul. I was going to rent on in January for a trip. I will surely get that clarified.
  24. Indy Dave

    UN RALLY 2022 DATES - June 26 -30th

    And if you HAD quarantine, WV ain't a bad place to do it (might as well bring some Maple Syrup (AKA Liquid Gold) with ya
  25. Lester V

    UN RALLY 2022 DATES - June 26 -30th

    O.K. thanks for the info. The US/Canada border should be fully open by then.
  26. Rockosmith

    Anybody go for ride today? Got Pictures?

    Some N GA fall color.
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