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  2. On which great force has been exerted to bend it into a vee configuration!
  3. True.... they have the small hand ones... I will go for that
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  5. jmseattle

    Northwest 200

    Agree with all the suggestions above. Depending on what you wish to do on your trip, less may be more in terms of covering miles. The distances in US terms are not great, but the narrow and winding roads, many desirable view points and areas to hike or explore, and random sheep in the middle of the road, make for slower traveling than the lines on the map and the mileage would suggest. We elected to stay in a few different locations in Airbnbs and use each as a base for day trips in that area. An unexpected experience was that whizzing along twisty country roads in the car with the stone walls seemingly inches from the passenger side window on the left could be nausea inducing for my wife (who was not inclined to drive a stick shift on the left...). For me, riding would be the best way to explore the countryside. If you are considering renting a bike, an acquaintance used Celtic Rider with good results (https://www.motorental.ie/). Before we decided to rent a car rather than ride, as my daughter decided to join for a stretch of the trip, I corresponded a bit with the Celtic Rider owner who was very responsive.
  6. TEWKS

    Pretty Sweet Looking Tigers

    A really nice spot to set camp!
  7. TEWKS

    Pretty Sweet Looking Tigers

    Lookie what Triumph can do, BMW.
  8. Hosstage

    The great dispersion has begun

    Dream, you're funny, I only cut the grass because the city ordinance demands it and I like my neighbors (mostly), and working on the house takes away from riding time or drinking time, remodels and minor upgrades only happen when the wife gets very insistent. Luckily, she grew up in a house under constant construction, so she's not a big fan of the mess and inconvenience But, she does tend to collect stuff without purging, so that's the next big thing on the list of things to do. She thinks people want it, so it should be sold or gone through by the kids (they really don't want it) but it's mostly clutter. Oh well, if that's the worst thing I have to deal with, I'm ok with that. She lets me ride whenever I want, even told me my bike was getting old and I should get another. She's a keeper!
  9. Afternoon WOLF Not really a job for a real torch, most use a heat gun or small pin-point pencil torch. A big propane type torch will burn the paint on the swing arm.
  11. 92Merc


    Under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty act, it puts the onus on the manufacturer to PROVE said oil was the cause of a failure. Since Liquid-Moly meets their approved specs, BMW can't deny a claim on cams. Makers can't require factory oil, filters, brakes, etc. They just have to meet the specs. The reality is oil would be most likely disputed items. I don't think there are any "generic filters" out there for the BMW that save that much money. So all you need to do is properly document that under warranty, you bought approved products. Which is partly why I use Beemer Boneyard. Then I have all of my documentation in one place. I just keep all invoices. https://consumer.findlaw.com/consumer-transactions/warranty-laws-and-the-magnuson-moss-warranty-act-.html
  12. szurszewski

    FS: Nolan N-104 medium

    Hi - do you know if this is the EVO version or the original N104? Is the build date listed somewhere on the helmet? thanks!
  13. JamesW


    I think so, just the original warranty. I watched another Smokes vlog last night and he clarified things a bit more. He now suggests if you do your own maintenance that you use OEM fluids and parts and document everything and keep all receipts then you should have no issues if a problem occurs. As an example if you've been doing your own thing and a problem occurs like scored cam lobes and you've been using diesel oil you most likely will have a warranty issue and justifiably so. Not that your warranty will be totally canceled but replacement of faulty cams will be on your nickel during the warranty period. I think this only makes good sense. As far as using a GS911 to say troubleshoot a lean running issue for example Smoaks seems to suggest that in the future BMW could get a bit testy because you connected a not authorized piece of equipment to the computer. Apparently things have not gone this far yet but he thinks it is definitely trending in this direction and I wouldn't be surprised if he isn't correct especially as complexity and expense to repair increases. He talks a lot about motor oils as a good example. I mean here you have a buyer that forks out $30K for a new K1600 and then goes cheap and uses automotive oil in the bike. I agree that this kind of thing really makes no sense. Smoaks also pointed the fickle finger at internet forums and the bum dope that proliferates therein and I see his point. I mean look at these never ending oil threads that for the most part serve no purpose other than to provide folks a place to air their unproven unscientific opinions. Yeah, I know oil analysis and all that jazz just to try and prove that you waste your money on that expensive BMW lubricant. I doubt that will have much weight should you have a warranty claim that is possibly lubricant choice related. Long and short is you pays your money you takes your chances.
  14. Morning WOLF Definitely take it apart before ordering parts as there could be more things that you find during/after disassembly. In your case where the drive shaft is also a concern I would start with rear swing arm removal then remove drive & make a decision from there. Just be very careful removing the swing arm as the pivots need to be heated or you risk stripping the aluminum threads out. You will also need to keep very good track of what bolts/nuts come from where (take pictures during disassembly) & keep the parts very secure as getting replacements in your country will be difficult. Some parts are BMW only & most BMW dealers won't ship to your country.
  15. TEWKS

    Right Now!

    Topping off the tank. 👨‍🚒
  16. I know brother...but I was prepared for the long haul with the Obolo unless it is was a engine and transmission failure... SO OPERATION IT IS... will get my logistics guy on the parts But my final question brother... SINCE IT IS TWO FAULTS SHOULD I TAKE THE BUKE APART AND THEN ORDER THE PARTS OR WHAT?
  17. Morning WOLF Nothing that you can do if the drive shaft rubber is slipping. (except replace the drive shaft) On the clutch, not much that you can do but that depends on if the clutch is oil soaked or not. It sounds like your clutch was slipping so it is probably glazed & worn. You are in a tight spot without an experienced mechanic to verify the problem(s). Trying to do this over the internet involves a lot of guessing based on feedback.
  18. Are there any cures for either other then doing the operation sir?
  19. Morning WOLF OK, then you more than likely either have a slipping clutch or your drive shaft rubber is slipping. It is pointing more towards the clutch but don't totally discount the drive shaft (especially if you smell rubber burning).
  20. Oh yeah that 13 mm nut and 10mm bolt for adjustment are cleaned and turn after putting wd40 on them....
  21. Yes sir I do that is why I ran back again to check it a third time before I make the move for the kidney transplant
  22. Morning WOLF Don't get too fixated on the actual measurements, that broken clutch lever pivot bolt could be effecting your measurements. What matters is: DO YOU HAVE SOME FORE/AFT MOVEMENT IN THE LEVER ON REAR OF TRANSMISSION????????????????
  23. Morning WOLF These will give you some idea.
  24. I just confirmed again the the measurements are correct.... 7mm 12 mm 7mm.... So let me study on the the clutch replacement...
  25. Paul De

    ABS Fault

    My '99RT presented similar intermittent symptoms to yours. I verified the air gaps were in spec and battery tested good. It finally went full fault and turned out to be a bad front wheel sensor. The fact that it doesn't fault on startup and the possibility of temperature relationship would point suspicion to a wheel sensor going bad. For me the good news was that bike at the time was still under warranty as the OEM sensors are pricey.
  26. Yes is there a pic of it that you can share....if it is located me when I seated on the bike... then it us could be as possibly....
  27. Living the Dream

    The great dispersion has begun

    My father in law, in his 80's enjoy's cutting grass. He cuts his, two neighbors, then loads up the rider and push mower and does five acres of three of his kids homes. (no his kids aren't lazy, they just know dear old dad enjoys this) I kinda follow the same. I enjoy hopping on the rider, putting the earmuff/headphones on, and riding for three+ hours cutting my yard (no edging, I use roundup for that), my wife occasionally jokes that she married her dad (only in that aspect). Additionally, the wife and I both like doing the home maintenance thing (tearing down walls, adjusting room sizes, total re-adjustments). Our winter project is to add a closet in the dead space above the stairs to the basement (that won't take long, so we'll find something else to destroy). This current house was supposed to be a downsize for the house and upsize for the yard, but it ended up both. We went up 1k sqft in house and up five acres (plus the three more that we purchased last year, and we're looking at another three more for a buffer behind us). As far as "stuff", we do not believe in the "just because I have space I need to fill it" mentality, so we only keep the essentials and purge our "unused" items every so often.
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