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New Member Intro.....and I'm a girl!!!


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Hi everybody!!!!!


Some of you know of me, but I haven't personally been able to meet you yet. I can't wait to do so!


I know most of you know my Mom and Dad though. You know, 1bmwfan and 2bmwfan.


Well, just wanted to stop in since I've been lurking for months. I had planned on getting active as of December but, I just got sooooooo excited about this whole community that I had to stop in now. Hey, what's 10 weeks early amongst friends anyway?


Well, I like cribs, feeding time, sleep time, and love my two mini schnauzers Hook and Ladder. Dad calls me Daddy's girl. I guess it's kinda cool. Mom likes to call me Princess. Something about Disneyland. She's really in to that place from what she says. I guess I'll find out soon enough!!


I'll be looking for some riding gear soon enough but am really having a hard time finding a helmet in my size, let alone gloves, a jacket, and boots! Mom and Dad have taught me real well that I don't ride without ATGATT.


You see, I'm only 15-1/4 inches in length and weigh 3 lbs, 6 oz. Plus, even if I had the right gear Mom and Dad have told me I can't come out and play right now. Something about my showing up so early I have to hang out with the really cool nurses in the Sutter Roseville Med Center for the next 6 weeks or so. They really are cool!!! They never leave my side and I kinda view it like I'm on vacation at the spa. What with all the attention they give me! It's kinda like going on an Edelweiss tour or showing up as a newbie at Torrey.


Anyway, looking forward to riding together soon! Oh, I plan on riding just like Leslie, Norah, Mom, Lisa, Kathy and all the other cool groovy chicks on this site.


As my boyfriend's Dad Russell says, I hope to end up Texan and Conservative some day. Hi, Steven!! You cutie you!!


One last thing; Life's Great, Participate! Mom and Dad's good friend and mo'fracker used to say that.


Here's a couple shots Dad took. I was so embarrassed, no make up or helmet hair. Just a bad photo day. :)


Holding Dad's hand




I didn't want my picture taken so I covered up as best I could!!!!




I told ya!! Just like a day at the spa.





P.S. A lot of Mom and Dad's friends asked how I got my name. Simple, they say, Amelia Earhart. I plan to do great things, just like she did!!! Just wait.


As for my middle name, Grace, Mom and Dad told me that one was easy as well. It is but by the grace of God that I am here. All the doctors told Mom and Dad that they couldn't have kids. I proved them wrong! (See above Amelia Earhart link)

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WOW! Congratulations to all three of you! Amelia will be a wonderful beautiful girl. I certainly hope she gets Jamie's looks!

Means lot of work but a lot of happyness for a few years :)

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:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


Congrats to all!!!!!!!!



Another Beta tester!!!! :grin:



Welcome to the world Amelia!!!!!


I'm sure Dad is a wreck, but how is Mom doing???



(BTW: Great Announcement! :thumbsup: )

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Congratulations! I was born weighing 2 pounds 12 oz. more than a few years ago.


The doctors at the rural hospital said I was too small for them to care for so Mom and Dad put me on top of a blanket in a shoe box and drove me to Houston in their un-airconditioned '59 Ford! Times have changed. :)


Your girl looks beautiful. God bless!



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another beta tester, now that's funny.


congrats seems so inadequate.



I wish her a very long and happy life.




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Congrats on your new membership in BMWST. In about 80 or 90 years you will likely have the honor of being longest participating member ever. :-)



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And on the cpap just like me.


She likes to refer to this, along with all the other gadgets, gizmos, and accessories she is hoked up to as FARKLES!


She's a quick learner. :)


Glad you are here Amelia! This board has a lot of good people. Just remember to stay out of the oil threads, though it is fun to start one every now and then, crush washers can be reused, and never compromise on your tires. The rest is just ride tales.


Let's moto!

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Congratulations to all of you.

What a wonderful way to greet the world.

I hope we have the honor of meeting some day.


Since you can't Ride like a Girl, yet,

it's OK 'cause you Write like a Girl.


Best wishes to all.


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Hey Dad... In a couple of years, you won't be able to listen to "Butterfly Kisses" without tearing up a like a big wussy.


Don't ask me how I know.


In the mean time, get as much "kangaroo care" time as you can with your precious daughter. (My fellow preemie parents will know what I'm talking about.)


Congrats to Mom and Dad!

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Welcome! I thought I saw a Stork riding up HWY 50 yesterday past Folsom on a RT, guess I wasn't seeing things. LOL



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Hi Amelia -


Welcome to the world, :wave: and congrats to your Mom & Dad. :clap:


You probably already know that the K Bikes are faster, but have you made any decisions about tires yet?

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Fantastic!! Congrats Phil and Jamie. Now as the father of a daughter let me assure you that this is the first and last time Amelia will ever be early!!! :clap:

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As my boyfriend's Dad Russell says, I hope to end up Texan and Conservative some day. Hi, Steven!! You cutie you!!



Hi Amelia, Steven here! You gotta hurry up and get bigger/stronger so you can bust out of that hospital, place. The world is so much cooler than that! We gotta learn how to ride something the grown ups call "fittys", and shoot bee-bee guns, and go to Disneyland! My mom loves the place about as much as yours does. I went once when I was one and I gotta say, Small World and Tom Sawyer's Island do rock!


Oh hey, I'm gonna be a fireman for Halloween this year! I hear your old man does that for a living! Maybe you can borrow my costume sometime, but again, you gotta do some growing first! I know we're gonna be best buddies since you and I both decided to take this world by storm early (you even earlier than me!)! Your fast, girlie, and that's a good thing for this bike riding thing (when done safely on a track, mommy just reminded me!).


We prayed for you during bath time. Well, mommy was doing the praying. She said "God, please let baby Amelia get bigger and stronger, and help those lungs to develop fully so she can come home and one day scream bloody murder during bath time like Steven is doing right now, since I cruelly took away the cup I told him to stop drinking from three times. And forgive Steven of his sins...ahem" uh, well, maybe I shouldn't talk about mommy's prayers...


OK, well I'm gonna sign off now. You take care, GF!


XOXO (mommy told me to say that...I have no idea what that means yet...) :)



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Dear Amelia,


I can hardly wait to ride with you!


Don't let Mom and Dad hold you back.


Sending you love and breathing with you,


Auntie Leslie

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