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Fuel Strip Spoof


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I had been putting off for a while trying the fuel strip spoof from our friends over at ADV rider, and finally put it to use in my 2010 R1200 RT.


I stopped by Orvac electronics, Anaheim, California, and picked up the required resistors. Just spent a few dollars.


I cut the plug from the fuel strip connector and soldered the resistors to the harness permanently. I know there’s other ways of doing it, but that is how I wanted to do it. Started the bike up, went around the block, all is good! Hazard yellow triangle is gone, and it indicates fuel is full..


I was so tired of looking at that yellow triangle! (I had previously replaced not less than four fuel strips)




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Check out this thread here in the forum.


I managed to incorporate a stock BMW low fuel switch with a spoofer to give me a low fuel warning light,  without cutting into the bike harness.

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