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With the Full Throttle section stuck full bore with the ongoing political strife I thought we could bring a bit of levity to balance things out. Maybe some silly/quirky pics of things you see while you’re out and about. A few of mine....









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40 minutes ago, Rinkydink said:



I want one of those



for the zombie apocalypse. It won't outrun anything but it shouldn't need to. :grin:

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On 2/8/2020 at 8:25 AM, Rinkydink said:








Reminds me of a joke...

Judy married Ted; they had 13 children. Ted died.

She married again, and she and Bob had 7 more children.
Bob was killed in a car accident 12 years later.

Judy married again, and this time, she and John had 5 children.

Judy finally died, after having 25 children.

Standing before her coffin, the preacher prayed for her.
He thanked the Lord for this very loving woman and said, "Lord, they are finally together."

Ethel leaned over and quietly asked her best friend Margaret,
"Do you think he means her first, second, or third husband?"

Margaret replied,  “I think he means her knees, Ethel."

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On 3/1/2020 at 7:21 PM, Rinkydink said:



Is that a weapon, or the primary propulsion system?  Because you know that car is going to move any time that gun is fired!

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13 hours ago, TEWKS said:

^ Is that real Patina? :dontknow: Hmm, let's find a word that makes junk seem valuable! ;)

Antique.  Peoples' old junk.

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20 hours ago, roadscholar said:

This might buff out.. not : )








That there is a classic "Florida Man" story in progress.

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13 hours ago, Bill_Walker said:


That there is a classic "Florida Man" story in progress.




You're probably not wrong, I was doing rescue for the Trans Fla ride with the ML (picked up two, a Camhead GS and KTM400) when we were at the same gas station in horse country. He had two kids in back and said they just got back from Key West. I chatted with him a bit about the indestructible nature of the W123, he agreed, seemed like a nice guy. In fact I like to tell people the body will fall off a 123 before it quits running and here was a good example so I had to get a few pics, kind of ironic at a Marathon station.





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I took this on NC 28 just outside Highlands IIRC. Around this curve there was about 150 feet of fresh dirt covering the right lane where a large diesel spill had occurred. It was also raining.



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And yet, some beautiful examples of the W123 continue to show their stuff when properly cared for.  I snapped this about a month ago on my way to work.  My folks had the same model, same year, same color.  Our car was shipped overseas for taxi duty we were told, simply because it would not die.  This one was so cherry.



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