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Any questions or issues anyone has about the Gunnison rally, if you can't find a specific thread that's already discussing or handling them, please post them here.

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Okay, I'll break the ice on this one. I've got a poser.


I was online to purchase my RT last December, but a work-related illness (cancer), being off from work since Christmas, undergoing chemo, and a pending legal battle with my employer have thrown an expensive torque wrench into the works (hey, on the bright side I get to see what BMW has planned for 2003, right?).


My wife and I really, really want to go to Gunnison before I'm released to go back to work at the Fire Department. I've been reading this board for well over a year and the wait is killing me! My last chemo is in two weeks (yeay!) so I'll feel well enough to make the trip.


My question is does anyone know of any option to rent an RT for the two weeks. We live in San Diego. My wife's R1200C is not comfortable enough to make that long a trip, and it lacks adequate storage.


If anyone has any brilliant solutions . . . . I throw myself on the mercy of the board.


Thanks in advance!


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Renting an RT for two weeks can be mighty expen$ive. I understand they go for between $125 and $150/day. If you find that to be the case, I would suggest you contact either the dealer in Denver or SLC, fly in, and rent for a few days from them.


And Jamie, congratulations on your successful battle with cancer. May it continue ever thus.

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First of all, congratulations! Keep going.


Secondly; although it isn't very BMW like, have you considered trailering the bike? I'm sure that we all will cut you some slack THIS ONE time, and won't say anything about your HD-like means of geting to the rally.


This may be the most cost effective way for you right now. And you may feel more comfortable riding a bike you already know.


I hope we'll see you there.

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First, please add my congrats on your recovery and bright outlook for the future ...


Polo has some wise words though, I made my first "big trip" RT touring last year (3500 or so miles in the west) and was both surprised and, in the positive sense, challenged by how physically demanding it can be fighting temperature extremes, head/side winds etc. (LOL, a "fond" memory is already being leaned into side winds on Wyoming highways then getting a good shake down from the turbulence of oncoming big rigs on top of that ! Tried to muscle through them at first then learned to relax a bit and let the bike ride through it all ... and then there was the thunderstorm in the BitterRoot Mountain range of Montana and .... wink.gif )


Sooo, do what your gut sez is the "right thing", if that's finding an RT to rent then best luck on that; if it's trailering the "C" bike up for local rides then good for you and the first beer's on me ; if it's saddle up a SUV and drive out to meet The Crew and tell of plans for your future rides that's cool too !!!!




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Thanks for the kind words and the great idea! I don't know why I did't think of that option! (well actually I do . . . I wanna ride!!! Waahh!)




Actually, I don't know exactly what my situation will be come mid July. I also don't know what the court's schedule will be and /or if I'll even have the time/ability to go. I think Polo's idea is a great fall-back plan. If it turns out that we can go at the last minute we "could" trailer my wife's R1200C. Of course we'd have to park it an hour or so out of town, judiciously apply some sweat and road grime, then ride in like we just arrived from SD! :-) It's a nice bike on short distance rides, really. It would be great if the collective could cut us some slack just this once for the HD-esque transgression, seeing as I've got cancer and all . . . . (Whew, that cancer card comes in handy again!)


If the court be willin' and the creek don't rise, we'll see you in Gunnison!


Thanks again!



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be there on whatever basis, by whatever vehicle or we will send out a party of hoons to kidnap you and bring you on over anyhow (and you know those hoon types can do the miles to pull it off !) smile.giflaugh.gifwink.gif

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fERNANDO : should we be takin' a head count for food soon ... BBQ / Pizza / etc. yet..? It seems to me that there was an earlier mention of this "sign-up" but I cannot find the thread just now.

Are we to post how many in our group / and how many reservations we'll need???

Just a heads up.

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It's in the works. Brant Herbert is putting it together and will post a sign-up form in the next day or two. He needs it because he's Photography Chairman and wants headshots to check off against the names, so he can post our gorgeous mugs for the non-attendees to see. Our Sign-in desk needs it. Our Breakfast Chairman needs it, since breakfast is being sponsored by a number of different companies which are owned by members of this board. As for dinner (pizza one night, BBQ the next), I'm still waiting to hear from the person in charge of food. But don't worry. We got enough of us worrying about stuff as it is.


You just get them purty vocal chords loosened up. Not only are you gonna sing the National Anthem, but we're gonna teach you a few drinking songs around the campfire for you to take back to AhUhWuh. wink.gif

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In organizing the group rides, has there been any provision made for those of us (I hope I'm not the only one) who has never scraped a peg or cylinder head cover on his RT? I love to ride in a spirited fashion, but we've all seen the results of how this can turn sour in a group ride situation. I want to enjoy the scenery and the cool mountain air and not try to keep up with the Hoons - especially if my son is along on the trip on his Roadster.

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I'll leave it to John Bellantonio, the Ride and Route Chairman, and to Dick Frantz the Ride Captain, to detail what they've got planned. All I can tell you is what I've heard so far, which is that there will be one group ride at a moderate pace, and one PACE ride at a "brisk" pace (Mr. Frantz, correct me if I'm wrong). Also, John Bellantonio is reported to be preparing a variety of maps with different routes on them that you can take at your leisure (these may be changing as we speak due to the current fire situation). That's as much as I know, and it may not be right.


Dick, John, please fill everyone in on where the plans are at the moment. Thanks.

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Yeeha! Stephen


Count on me to be right along with with you on the non-Hoon pace. I'll be 2-up with Miss Vicki and on vacation, so a bit under our "Pie Town Crew I" pace will be fine with me.

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I'm sure there will be a group of us that would like to see the scenery and stop and take a picture or two at a leisurly pace.

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I am curious if the recent/ongoing fires are going to have an affect on the routes we plan on touring or the event itself and in Paonia. I know Colorado is a big state, but all of you know a hell of a lot more than I do about what is planned and where.



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I guess I woke up late ... where's the details on the un rally? Or is it so UN that there are no details? ;-)

I'm planning on Top of the Rockies so Gunnison makes a lot of sense ... found the dates but have seen both 21-23 and 22-23. And I see the KOA discussed ....

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Gil, most people are getting there Sunday night and leaving Wednesday morning. The bulk of the activities are Monday and Tuesday.


I hope you can make it. If you think you'll be there, order your t-shirt, decide who you are are going to buy a beer for, fill out the attendance form (see other thread in this forum), and kiss Fernando's feet for doing all this work!

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Does the weather in Gunnison warrant the use of an electric vest? How cold does it get during the riding times? I see the average low is 42F but how fast does it warm up?

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I was in Gunnison last week end. Out in the eve, 2200, 68F, wearing shorts, a t-shirt and polar fleece light weight sweater (not on the bike!). It cools down pretty quick. Daytime highs were (1500) 80ish and early am (0500) was 45ish. I would have used the 100 weight sweater under my Darien til about 1000, had we been on the bike. By 1000 it was probably 55+? It is always possible to get real cold real fast at high altitude. I have seen snow in July at 11000ft, but you aren't at that altitude for long. Your electric vest would be good insurance, but the chances of being cold for very long are small during daylight hours. I always carry at least a sweater/fleece and middle weight gloves. It is not unusual to get t-boomed upon in the afternoon. Be ready for changing conditions. Unless you plan to ride at night quite a bit, I would think the electrics un-needed.

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Paul Mihalka

When traveling, I ALWAYS carry my Gerbing jacket liner with thermostat. It saves packing heavyer stuff. My BMW Kalahari jacket is not very warm. It has a Goretex liner but not a warm liner. With the electrics, I can start early AM with the heat on and turn it down as the day progresses. When I'm ready to take it off, it takes less space than a sweatshirt.

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Yeeeeeeeeeee-haw! We just received our Gunnison KOA reservation confirmation letter in the mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just wanted to share, carry on.

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Does anyone have the actual address for the KOA and the Ramada? I'd like to plug them into my Street Atlas just to see how far I have to crawl home.

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You sound as excited about this rally as me!! smile.gif


Anyway, I have a question: How are you getting yourself, Shelley, all your moto gear, any clothes/toilletries you are bringing, AND camping gear to Gunny on one bike? Russell and I couldn't figure out how to fit all our stuff and camping gear on one bike, so we are motelling it. Are you staying in one of KOA's camping cabins or something? Even still, you have to bring your own bedding.


Just curious!



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I've looked through this thread and cannot find details of the rally other than it will be held on the 21st to the 23 of July in Gunnison, CO. Where are we meeting and at what time. It appears that a number of people will be camping at the local KOA, will that be the rally point?

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Yes, the KOA will be Rally HQ, so to speak. We've not yet posted the final itinerary and times as they're still a bit in the air, but figure on the rally starting on Monday, the 22nd at about 6AM with free coffee, probably followed within the hour by some danish. It's all a very informal gathering primarily meant to help all of us meet those whom we've been cyberspacing with for anywhere from a few weeks to a few years. There will be a few formal events, a couple of rides led by members, and of course you're always free to take off on your own and enjoy the Rockies at your whim.

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In reply to:

Anyway, I have a question: How are you getting yourself, Shelley, all your moto gear, any clothes/toilletries you are bringing, AND camping gear to Gunny on one bike?

Yep, it's a real trick! We've done it before though. We can barely get all of our stuff, and camping gear onto the RT (without lashing things to the outsides of the saddlebags). It requires very careful planning. Fortunately, Shelly is very good at minimalist packing and so am I. We also carry an ultralight tent, ultralight Thermarests (about the size of a half loaf of bread), and ultralight sleeping bags. It's amazing what you get find at REI these days! wink.gif


I wear synthetic Ex-Officio "Air Strip" shirts, and convertible pants, which is versatile enough for everything from a hard day's ride, to an enjoyable evening meal at the local bar and grill at our destination. Since the pants are convertibles, they also serve as swim trunks. I really don't carry any cotton items (except for one long-sleeve cotton shirt to serve as a wet "cooling" shirt in the desert). Socks are synthetic too. These clothes are ultra versatile and ultra lightweight and pack down to next to nothing. So, I have the clothes on my back, and carry one spare pair of socks, one extra pair of swim trunks, and one or two extra shirts. These synthetic items can be washed in a campground or motel bathroom sink with some "Camp Suds" and you just keep alternating clothes and washings. I have all my toiletries in those little 1oz. bottles you can get from REI, and I have a complete toiletry kit with compact everything, and it's completely separate from my home toiletry items, so it's always ready to go and nothing's forgotten.


As for culinary items, I carry an Esbit solid-fuel stove (about the size of a deck of cards), a 1qt. Titanium kettle. The stove packs inside the kettle. This is all I need to boil water for coffee, oatmeal, freeze-dried meals, Ramen meals, etc. You can do a lot with just hot water. I sometimes also carry MRE's (Military "Meal Ready To Eat").


Everything is compact/miniaturized. Our flashlights consist of button-size LED flashlights, for example.


I'm terribly anal about packing and I make these detailed packing lists in Excel spreadsheets (with one sheet per saddlebag). Shelly usually gets a good laugh out of them. But to summarize:


Left saddlebag: (Sean's saddlebag)

Inner part of bag:

-BMW saddlebag liner, containing the following items:

-Spare socks

-swim trunks

-2 shirts


-Polartec fleece

-Synthetic long underwear

-heated vest

Outer lid:

-my sleeping bag

-camp shoes

-Room for Gore-Tex liners when I take them off


Right Saddlebag: (Shelly's saddlebag)

Inner part of bag:

-BMW Saddlebag liner with Shelly's stuff


Outer lid:

-Shelly's sleeping bag (her sleeping bag is bulkier than mine)


Top Case:


-2 Thermarest pads

-Kettle and stove


-Pre-ground Starbucks or Dietrich's coffee

-Hot cocoa packets


-Shelly's camera

-Misc. drinks and snacks


Tank bag:

-My Nissan Stainless Thermos with my Starbucks coffee (gotta have it smile.gif )

-My camera




Glove box:

-First Aid Kit

-BMW motor oil in a plastic 8oz. flask

-emergency roadside flares

-emergency blanket

-instant cold pack

-Sawyer extractor

-Spare gloves

-Cell phone

-PDA with wireless modem

-Other stuff like phone charger, duct tape, glow sticks, Kleenex, etc.


Under seat storage:



-Bike related stuff that's always there.


Basically, take everything you got and miniaturize it. Get rid of bulky items like bluejeans, which are no good for travel. Jeans will make you cold if they get wet, they aren't versatile, they aren't so easy to wash at camp, and don't dry quickly. Go to REI and get some travel pants instead. No need to carry 3 t-shirts, 2-dress shirts, etc. etc. Just carry 1 shirt on your back, and 1 (or 2 max) shirts and then just wash your clothes at the camp site.


My tent is an "REI Half Dome." I had a tent maker, make me a custom set of tent poles that fold up to 15" instead of the standard 25", so that they'll fit inside my saddlebag.


I leave my big, bulky, 15 degree mummy bag at home and opted for a compact sleeping bag with a 45 degree rating instead. It packs down to the size of a half loaf of bread--much smaller than a conventional sleeping bag. I have used this bag down to 28 degrees so far and been just fine. If I get cold, I just wear my fleece and long underwear into the sleeping bag.


Anyway, it's totally do-able if you and Russel want to do it. Maybe Shelly can give you some pointers from her perspective too--she's a very good packer.


Anyway, you must be a minimalist packer, "miniaturize" everything as much a possible, and only carry items that are multipurpose.

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Brant Herbert

From the looks of your new avatar, you seem to also be prepared should the fires still be flaming in CO laugh.gif

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Hmmm. Russell is also a pretty anal packer. He could probably do this, if we had all the gear you had. Unfortunately, our tent is HUGE, our sleeping bags suck (aren't rated for cold weather and are bulky), and we don't have those versatile clothes of which you speak. Right now, it isn't in the budget to get all that, but perhaps we can start collecting it little by little and be set in time for the next unrally! No biggie though...I like camping pretty well, but motelling it has its advantages too. Bed...hot shower...shampoo and soap provided...


Also, we were planning on bringing our Joe Rocket Phoenix jackets for the desert travel (with nothing but bike shorts and t-shirts underneath), and our Gerbings and regular jackets for the cooler mountain stuff. Thus the problem...with two sets of gear, one has to be stowed, and that takes up an incredible amount of room.


Throw in a couple extra t-shirts apiece, some jeans or something for the gatherings around the campfire, or at dinner, or whatever as well as a camera, combs, sunscreen, maps, hats (have to have a cap to cover up helmet hair!), PDAs, tools, cell phones, etc. and you have a lot of junk to schlepp out there!


I am inspired though. If you guys can get all that to Colorado, we should be able to get all our stuff there!


Thanks for the insight

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Sean, I have two things to say to you:


1. Wow.

2. Seek help. smile.gif


That's a great way to do this stuff. As Lisa said, all of our camp stuff is cheap and really pretty functionless (nevermind Multifunction). It's something that I've been wanting to work on...but other priorities prevail for now. smile.gif


PS. I am NOT anal when it comes to packing. I'd LIKE to be, but it seems I always wind up working on the bike at the last minute so I have no time to be anal with the packing. Hopefully this time will be better. smile.gif

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Would it be useful to create a topic that tlaks aobut the local roads?


For example, I am going to Redstone and want to know if Kebler Pass (near Crested Butte)is suitable for an RT. It's an unpaved road and should be ok but I don't want to bend my butter soft rims.


Can someone who knows post a response about Kebler Pass. I'm not sure it the best way to get to Redstone but looks interesting smile.gif

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Tom, I used to own a house in Crested Butte a few years back and, at least back then, I don't think an Rt would have any trouble on Kebler Pass. It is, however, likely to be very dusty as are most of the unpaved mountain roads in the summer. So if you're not interested in going too fast and you follow far enough behind any other vehicles, I think you'll be okay.

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You used to own a house in Crested Butte? You lucky dog!!! Did you invite your friends out for mountain bike rides? I'll bet you did, you seem like such a jovial fella......

Just pulling your leg my friend, I'm Jonesing for Friday when you, I , and the other third of the "Three Amigos" hit the road, heading for Gunnison (the long way around)....

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I live in Lake City, south of Gunnison, and have been on Kebler Pass, twice last fall. This is a very twisty dirt/gravel road. Yes, an RT could navigate it, but it would not be fun if wet or the tourists were bringing in the RV's for the weekend.


My suggestion is to take the extra time and head for hwy 92 on the North Rim of the Black Canyon. 92 has new a black top surface with many tight and twisty turns. It's wonderful! The view is pretty nice as well.


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Hey, Fernando et al,


Not been paying much attention to the Gunnison threads because we thought we could not go...why torture ourselves, right? Now, however, it looks like things might open up for us, at least for a couple of days...


Does anyone know if the KOA in town is full-up?


Steve in So Cal

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The campground phone number is (970)641-1358. Also 1-800-KOA-1248 is for reservations only. I'll bet more than one tent fits on a site if they are already full. Good luck!

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CO Rider, Thanks. Dust and RVs are not my idea of a quality ride. 92 sounds like it will fit the ticket (as long as its not a speeding one). See you in Gunnison!

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Is there a prelim itinerary yet? Spike and I start heading West on Saturday morning. We'll be arriving at the Comfort Inn on Sunday the 21st so if it's not posted by Saturday, could someone bring us a copy?



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Probably asked this on the wrong thread so here it goes again:Since the day is rapidly approaching to the rally I wondered how many ladies are planning to attend as passengers? And what is the bare minimum that one can get by with? I happen to like to wear my makeup and take my curling iron (although that doesn't seem to be a top priority for my honey). Are there any seasoned female passenegers out there that can offer me some help- or am I doomed to survival mode? We are staying in hotels(yeah!) but we are going to be gone 9 days!(hey I like to change my outfits and have matching shoes LOL but as you know there isn't that much space) I know I may be *prissier* than most- but that is me LOL- I am NOT a camper (maybe a resort LOL)




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Well, this was a good time for you to ask that question. smile.gif I'm nearly finished packing for our honeymoon. We'll be on the road for 21 days including Gunnison. Instead of using the top case, we ordered a large Hellen2Wheel clothes sack. (waterproof) Here's what I've packed:


In the Hellen2Wheel clothes sack:

-10 t-shirts (5 for each of us)

-2 polo shirts (1 for each of us)

-2 undershirts for Spike

-14 pairs of socks (7 for each of us)

-10 pairs of underwear (5 for each of us)

-4 pairs of shorts (2 each)

-2 pairs of jeans (2 each)

-a small makeup bag for me

-shampoo, razors & other toiletries for both of us


Attached to the outside of the H2W sack:

-camera tripod in waterproof case

-H2W "wet bag" for bathing suits


Ride side case:


-Spare cables


-magazines for Spike

-2 paperback books for me


-first aid kit


Left side case:

-my camera bag

-36 rolls of film (don't ask... smile.gif )

-my cross-stitch

-laundry detergent tablets & dryer sheets

-2 pairs of shoes (1 pair each)

-my fleece liner

-sweatshirt for Spike


I basically packed 5 days worth of clothing, and will be doing laundry along the way. The H2W bag is EXCELLENT quality, and she shipped it within 24 hours, so there is still time to order them. With all of the stuff in the H2W bag, I still have a little room left... that thing is amazing. smile.gif


If you need anymore help or tips, lemme know and I'll do my best to help you before we leave on Friday.



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John Ranalletta

Also, we were planning on bringing our Joe Rocket Phoenix jackets for the desert travel (with nothing but bike shorts and t-shirts underneath), and our Gerbings and regular jackets for the cooler mountain stuff. Thus the problem...with two sets of gear, one has to be stowed, and that takes up an incredible amount of room.


How many folks are actually bring separate hot/cold riding apparel?




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In reply to:

How many folks are actually bring separate hot/cold riding apparel?


US! Last weekend, I went from 100+ in the day (Phoenix jacket over a T-shirt) to something much cooler through the 4500' pass on 152 into Gilroy. I needed my FirstGear jacket and Gerbing's liner (turned on a fairly low setting) to stay comfortable. Gunnison has 10,000ft passes and I'm betting it will get COLD...especially if we leave early in the AM or get stuck out late at night.

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John, my wife and I use a couple of Tour Master TB-17 Tail Bags. They come with hidden elastic cords and four bungee hooks on the bottom. We have Bungee Buddies on our saddlebags and hook them on that way (the BB's are mounted VERY inboard so that there's an inward pull on the TB-17 bags). Then we run another bungee cord across from one to the other(behind the passenger seat and under the rear rack) to pull them together and hold them on top of the saddlebags even more. They sit to either side of my wife's hips and they're narrow enough not to interfere with my rearward vision in the mirrors.


We're able to carry Joe Rocket Phoenix jackets in there. When we have to use the Joe Rocket jackets, our Tour Master jackets fit in their place inside the TB-17's (without the liners which by the time we need the Joe Rockets, the liners have long since been stuffed into the front pocket of the TB-17). You do have to be a bit of a creative packer, but once you pull the spinal armor on our TM jackets (takes about 5 seconds each) and stuff it along the perimeter of the TB-17's main compartment, the jackets collapse and fit inside without much trouble.

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In reply to:

How many folks are actually bring separate hot/cold riding apparel?


I bring layers. I won't need electrics on this ride. If it gets nippy I turn the seat and grips on.


I will have my Mesh Tech and my Kilamanjaro overclothes. Bungie net and bungie buddies come in handy for quick storage of overgear.

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Yeeha! Stephen

I may regret it, but I'm only bringing one outer jacket. JR Pheonix, Gerbings, Sweatshirt and a Rain suit. My Gerbings gets really hot if you crank it up... so I hope I'm good. If not, then I go back down the Pass I guess.

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I only bring 1 riding suit (my BMW Kalahari) and then I layer. When it's hot, I'm wearing the suit only. As it cools, I first add the suit's inner Gore-Tex liners, if colder, I add my heated vest, if still colder, I add my Polartec fleece, and if it's colder than a witch's...um...well then I add my synthetic long underwear.


Using this setup, I have taken trips that have put me through temperatures ranging from 110 degrees, down to about 25 degrees. That's enough variation for me. Anything hotter or colder than that and I'll probably turn off the highway at the next motel or Denny's and call it quits until the temps improve, but I've never really had to do that yet.


As Russell said, be prepared for some surprisingly COLD condition going over some of the peaks in Colorado. This trip will be a real experience for those traveling from Southern California, where the weather is practically the same all the time. In order to get to Gunnison, you'll have to cross some very hot deserts, followed by ascending up some very cold mountains.


Finally, be prepared for everything in while staying in Gunnison. It's not unusual to wake up to nice, warm, sunny skies, then all of a sudden have a torrential, freezing cold downpour somtime during the day for an hour or so, and then the sun comes back again and everything dries up and returns to normal. Just be prepared, and pack efficiently.


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Check IN at Gunnison?

Check IN when we get back home?


Since so many of us are going to be on the road at one time...is it unreasonable to ask that we post some kind of check in from Gunnison? Someone bringing a laptop?


150+ is alot of people to be concerned about ....I know if I were sitting at home I'd want to know everyone was ok.



Or......you could call me Mommy and I'll drop the thought crazy.gif

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John Ranalletta

Maybe Brant could work his magic with a checkin web page; or an extension of the sign up page with a space for checkin. BTW, that's a really neat piece of work. Thanks, Brant.

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