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Official DART 22 T-Shirts Available!


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It’s here! The official DART 22 T-shirt is available for you to order online.
In truth, it was kind of a pain in the *** to set it up. I set up an account on Printify, designed the shirts, then created an Etsy store. There are four color options.

I believe they’re pretty nice, but since I’m leaving the production and shipping to third parties, you’ll have to deal with them if there are any issues. Truthfully, doing it this way probably makes them a little more expensive, but since DART is an affair where we pick up the event costs (and ask attendees to consider a coffee can donation) I didn’t want to get into the business of being the banker. I just ordered one for myself, so I’ll let you know how it turns out.











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That orange looks sharp! Time to look into this. Thanks!

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Rob Nowell

be the first one on YOUR block!  mine is in the works...


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Rob Nowell

ditto, Jake---Orange is perfect, and I especially like the fact that the main (large) logo is on the BACK

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