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Driftless Area Riding Tour (DART)

image.thumb.jpeg.91258c7a957b189df05bdba8c63e7fe9.jpg The Cheesiest

This gathering is the brainchild of Mitch Patrie, Steve Knapp, and Mike Boomgarden.


HQ is located in The Driftless (also known as the Driftless Zone, the Driftless Region, or the Paleozoic Plateau), an area that was untouched by the glaciers that leveled and filled much of the Midwest with glacial drift. You’ll recognize it as soon as you start to enter the Driftless—relatively flat land gives way to tall bluffs and deeply cut river valleys. The boundaries of the Driftless are a bit hard to define, but it encompasses roughly 10,000 square miles of Southwest Wisconsin, Northwest Illinois, Northeast Iowa, and Southeast Minnesota. One of the mightiest of rivers, the Mississippi, cuts right through the middle.



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