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1996 R1100RT tire and wheel upgrade


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4 hours ago, redsky1953 said:

Trying to find a 17 " wheel that will work on my    R1100RT  . Getting hard to fine the 18 " tire for the rear.


see this from 2007, particularly the post from Paul Mihalka



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7 hours ago, redsky1953 said:

 . Getting hard to fine the 18 " tire for the rear.

I realize you asked about switching to the 17 inch wheel, but I go to American Moto Tire and there are 7 tires available in the 160/60-18 rear tire size..  I have switched from the Michelin PR3 rear to the Pirelli Angel GT rear.  I’m on my fourth Pirelli rear, and very pleased with the results.

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many years ago I bought an early K1200LT rear wheel for my 97 R1100RT.  I wanted more tire choices like you.   

I also had to get the lug bolts for the LT.  I  am certain that all LT’s 1999 thru 2009 have the same rear wheel.   Look on the BMWLT forum for a bike being parted out.  

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My 2 cents fwiw.

Ran Metzelers for years and never had an issue with them. I did notice only once did they require weight to balance and that turned out to be because the worker put the paint spot  180 degrees from correct. A few changes back I went with Michelin PR's due to recommendation from a friend, great skins I thought and realized a few more miles between changes. Every PR needed weights!? Last month the local moto shop had difficulty finding the 18 in rear, so I opted for the Metz. Three days later I had a new tire that I know will be fine and no weight was needed! YMMV b

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