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neophyte wrencher offers thanks


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Had an opportunity to change my fuel filter and adjust valves/sync TB's today. Thanks to all of the posts in forums like this one, compiled documents (OVAD, etc), and the mettle I acquired by reading them, things went very smoothly. I just wanted to give a thumbs up to all the experienced wrenchers around here who are willing to give of their time/experience.


Cheers to all.


PS. That fuel filter is a bugger.


PPS. Also added the Autolite 3923's... I wish I had done this operation separately, it's pretty smooth now and I don't know if it was the plugs or my first attempt at valve-fu! Guess I'll just glow with the knowledge that I did it myself and did it right.

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Trebor: Glad your maintenance project went okay! 1)How did you get those wierd Oetiker (spelling?) clamps off? Can you unbend them somehow with a set of nippers? I don't know the proper word for those wierd nippers that folks usually use on tile. 2) Did you put fuel filter back in tank or did you route it outside for future access? 3) Did you use Twinmax for carb sync or use homemade water manometer?

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The clamps came off pretty easily with a pair of pliers. I squeezed down on the crimp to spread it a little and then on the sides to re-shape. A couple iterations of that spread the clamp enough to slide off. Fuel filter is back in the tank. In 24K, I'll be bitching again. Finally, used the TwinMax. I probably should have hacked up a homemade manometer, but went the spendy way instead.

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