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1200GS Accessory Query


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giving some thought to acquring a 1200GS. Based on experience and not price point which the following seem to be of best quality for their purpose:


-"crash"bars for around engine...touratech, H-B or bmw?

-hard cases...touratech, jesse or bmw?


my research has led me to form some opinions, but those with experience would be the best source. i've lurked on advrider and there's a bit of consensus amongst them.


thanks everyone wave.gif

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Crashbars: H-B. I have the BMW, but should have gotten the H-B.


Side cases: BMW. They have worked flawlessly for me (in several countries and over very rough terrain), and I like the convenience of how they compress. And how they look. But all the adventure wannabees will chime in here shortly with kudos for the rectangular pieces of aluminum they do like to go on and on about. They probably are rushing out to buy the discontinued H1, too. tongue.gif I will say, though, that if you plan on going down, get the Jesse cases.

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Regarding crash bars, I agree with David on the H-B. I also have the BMW bars and would rather have H-B's.


As for cases, well, I think all three are excellent and it's a matter of preference. I'll give my view of the Jesse's:




-Tough as nails.

-Top loading.

-Absolutely waterproof.

-They can be used as a cooler (just add ice and beverage of choice).

-Fill them with water and they will hold the front end off the ground for tire changes.

-Lots and lots of space.

-Easy to take on and off.

-Look more adventuresk (if you're an image kind of guy).




-Alignment of exhaust is often a reocurring issue.

-Long runs can melt your left turnsignal.

-Jesse mounts look cheesy when bags are off the bike (if you're an image kind of guy).

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thank to all and for the pix jim. you've confirmed my thinking for the most part. now the big decision!

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