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Asphalt Parking Lots


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Just a reminder the sun is coming out again and things are heating up ... especially asphalt parking lots. Remember to take it easy in the corners and on takeoffs as that stuff gets slicker than snot when it gets hot. Wait until you are on pavement to nail it. cool.gif


Be safe ...



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Hmmm. I don't think we have a difference here.. asphalt on the parking lot and on the street ! Is 'pavement' like betumen or concrete slabs?

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"Pavement" here is like concrete slabs or like asphalt. Here in the U.S., maybe half the roads are concrete and maybe half the roads are asphalt (or bitumen). Each presents its own motorcycle hazard; worn concrete can get really slick, and fresh asphalt can ooze oil and be slick. Which material is used where depends on the range of weather conditions experienced, whether the area produces cement or petroleum, and whether the local cement manufacturers or asphalt manufacturers have more political power.


More about the American English use of "pavement" at Wikipedia.

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