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Our Eastern Tennessee Adventure


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I've always enjoyed everyone's posts here, so I though I would make my first attempt...


Last month we had our first chance to take a multi-day trip from Milwaukee, and chose to visit Deal’s Gap and the Cherohala Skyway, based on recommendations…


We were lucky enough to be able to visit during the week, but only had 3 days available. One day there, one day to play, and one day back. The weather looked good so off we went, 5AM and 37°F in Milwaukee


Here’s Carol, my wife, and Fred






In no time at all (12 hours later) We had traveled though WI, IL, IN, OH, KY and got lost in TN when the GPS batteries died after we got off the highway…



Darkness fell, we found our hotel in Lake City, TN. The pool was closed,

IMGP0055.JPGso we found the next best thing IMGP0054.JPG


Then off to the local Mexican Restaurant for sustenance!



Carol had a couple of Margarita’s, and for some reason was fascinated by the Coors Man



I suggested we bring him back to the room, but alas, he was firmly attached.


The Next day we rode US 129, the Cherohala, and explored the area with very little traffic, and great weather







We rode hard all day, and made it back to the hotel pleasantly exhausted. The next morning it was time to go home. But the weather looked awful. Radar showed rain all the way back, so we headed due west to miss the weather.



With one short stop just outside of Nashville for a Thunderstorm, we continued East to Illinois, then up Hwy 51 all the way to Rockford, staying dry the whole way. 800 miles and 15 hours later, we dropped off Fred in Delafield, WI @ 1AM, only to face this for the last 20 miles of the trip



The rain finally let loose, and the RT didn’t need to have the bugs removed by the time we made it to Milwaukee. 822 miles for the day, 1897 miles for the three days. A great trip, thanks to Carol and Fred for making it safe and a blast.


Here's a short video if you're so inclined

Gap Video

It's a little choppy, I'm pretty new at this stuff. Thanks for watching smile.gif



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Great post - thanks clap.gif


The last shot looks realy great and terrifying at the same time. We just do not get lightning like that over here.


Andy thumbsup.gif

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That's MORE than just an 'attempt' !! grin.gifgrin.gif


Great story, wonderful photos... awesome lightnening and cute little ears !!! thumbsup.gif


Thanks for sharing ! clap.gif

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Awesome tale, err, should I say ears!?!


Great job. A great ride for sure! Thanks for sharing! thumbsup.gifwave.gif

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Nice job, Jeff. I enjoyed the tale and pix too. You covered a lot of ground in three days and still had time for the pix. Good on ya.


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