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Question about Ohlins


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I have a 2002 1150RT with Ohlins Front and Back. The other day I was going through the owner's manual on the Ohlins to refresh myself on how to go about fine tuning the shocks.

Within the instructions under maintenance there was a one sentence blurb stating that the oil in the front shocks should be replaced once a year. There was no indication on how this was to be performed. I went to the Ohlins web site and could not find anything regarding this procedure. They do sell replacement oil, 3 different types, but again no indication on how to change it out.

Has anyone done this, stupid question, more to the point can someone explain the procedure.

The other question I have is they only say the front shocks need to have this done... why don't the rear shocks?



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Try Kyle Racing (in California). I think that when you do the oil changing you have to do the gas as well. Or get hold of ToolMan (this site) and he'll help out.....he's way more knowledgeable than I will ever be thumbsup.gif



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I have done this with my Works shock a couple of times. I imagine it is a similar process with Ohlins. You need a spring compressor to compress the spring to remove it, then with the pressure released, and the shock needs to be partially disassembled. The oil is dumped and new oil refilled (typically 5 or 10 weight, at least is is in the Works shock).


Then the trick is to eliminate ALL air. There is usually a heavy rubber diaphragm separating the oil in the resevoir from the nitrogen. Once assembled with no air bubbles in the oil, you can take it to most bike dealers to repressurize it with nitrogen to the manufacturer's specs (usually 200-250 psi). Nitrogen, or argon work fine. Never use just air!


I found the whole procedure was relatively straightforward if care was taken.



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