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2 Brits in Alabama ride story/video


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Two good friends of mine I met last year in the UK are on tour of the Eastern US, and attending a STOC rally next week. They passed through Alabama on their way to Florida. Here is the story.


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And I thought Hazzard County was in Georgia!?


ROFLMAO when Dukes of Hazzard came on.


Nice job, but you REALLY need to work on the audio. This time there were three funny languaged speakers on the video!! grin.gif


Nice job Guy. Thanks for keeping up the foreign relations! thumbsup.gif

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We had at one time considered a move to Alabama upon retirement, but then decided to stay in Indiana. The more I see of these videos you post, the more Alabama looks real good to me. You should offer these to the tourism board, they are that good.


Keep up the good work, we really enjoy these "rides by proxy."

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Enjoyed your video, have very good British friends however, none ride.


I run back and forth between Pcola and Monkey Town all the time...love the roads...it is also my evacuation route.


If you are ever in Pensacola area (Navarre), give me a shout.


American by birth, Southern by the grace of God.


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