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Rim Damage


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Well, last night on a dark section of road, I hit a cavernous hole; actually it was road work in progress. In Thailand, they don't see the need to mark road construction while they're off duty. Anyway, the next morning I noticed a dent in the rim - please see the attached pic.


I didn't notice any vibration in the front end and obviously the bead didn't break. Can this be repaired? Is there anything else on the bike that I should have checked for damage? Any idea what a new one will cost me?


My buddy riding behind be said my back wheel came about six inches off the groundooo.gif. It's amazing what you can pull through if you just hang on tight.


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I had the same on my old 1200gs and I did not repair just kept riding and the dent made no deference.

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Yes it can be repaired. There are several places in the States that do this. I had the front rim on my RT and rear rim on my Ducati straightened by a guy that's in the Los Angeles, Ca. area. He does rims for people from all over the world.

The cost to straighten each wheel was $60.00 US, but the shipping would be fairly expensive. Give him a call if you have any questions about it, he's a very nice guy and does great work.


David Moore Wheel Service at 760 240-3543

9383 Buena Vista

Apple Valley, Ca. 92308


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I had my KRS magnesium rims repaired. I thought they were unrepairable, but the guy hammered them out in a few hours. I did not realize that California would have bought me new ones as they were damaged on the freeway.



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I did not realize that California would have bought me new ones as they were damaged on the freeway.


This is very interesting! I did not know this either. I hit a pecfect front wheel sized hole on the 5 fwy interchange in east LA by the 60.


I thought for sure I was going to find a bend. Didn't though!


So how do you go about proving it happened on a CA fwy to be reimbursed?

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David Moore is THE BEST!!


Couple years ago I ran over a log (maybe it was just a large hunk of wood), and put a ding in the front wheel of my 1100RT. Call David and set up a time to fix it (he's within riding distance.)


He is a true craftsman. Has a nice shop in Apple Valley (desert), and has hand made many wheels. Specializes in those Ooooold bicycles-- you know the ones with the HUGE front wheel and tiny little wheel. Yea, he makes those.


Oh, and the RT? Well, even after 125,000 miles since the incident, the wheel is as good as ever. I challange anyone to point out where the damage was.

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Thanks for the contact info on David Moore. I have a guy who is very good in Anaheim, Ca. and when I contacted him recently my chin practically hit the floor when he told me he is now charging $100 per wheel for straightening. Unfortunately your guy is 100 miles away vs. my guy that is 20 miles away. It would probably be worth the shipping charges in that case.

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I put my RS into the dealer for problem I was having with the whole bike wobbling on bends, which felt as if it was coming from the back of the bike. They replaced my similarly damaged front wheel and the handling was back to normal.


Thus, a damaged front rim did effect my machine considerably.

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