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I give you... "The Muff Pot".


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I love it! We used to take shot wire ( copper wire used to set off blasting caps ) that you could find all over the mining sites and tie it to the pop top of cans of beans and wieners, soup, whatever you brought to work. Sit it on the exhaust manifold of your bulldozer or whatever you were around that was running. 20 minutes was about right. 

A hot meal in the middle of nowhere!

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On 2/8/2021 at 8:01 PM, szurszewski said:

We called them “hot doggers”


I've used the Hot Dogger, and currently have the Muff Pot.  It's amazing what a hot meal will do for you in the middle of a below-zero ride.  Problem is: modern snowmachines don't have a hood area, or space to mount these things. (The old machine above does have space.)  I'm headed out this weekend to my homestead cabin; about 100-mile roundtrip.  But fortunately the low temp is supposed to be just below 0º F. 


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I’ll probably wish I had one here by the weekend. It’s about 30F right now and pretending to snow a tiny bit. Our infrastructure will surely collapse by Monday. 


(Seriously: I had the last two days of a week of meetings in Oregon canceled abruptly yesterday afternoon because of the coming winter storm. To be fair there is a blizzard warning for the east end of Portland metro...)

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