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K75s ABS / non ABS question


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So my 93’ K75s project is moving along.  After 10 plus dormant years I have it running after going through the fuel system - new sending unit, pump and injectors.  All fluids swapped and the brakes are next.  Personal choice (I’m sure there are many opinions and this is mine) - I plan to eliminate the ABS system which had faulted prior to the bike being parked. I was told this by the previous owner.

I am going to remove all associated hardware, pumps, relays, brain etc. and install braided lines. Has anyone used Spiegler lines?  My question is this, if I use them can I buy the non-ABS kit? Will the lines work lengthwise from master cylinder to caliper front and rear? I assume I would just not use the left front line and keep the crossover pipe that is already in place from the right caliper.  Thanks in advance

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