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Rhine West Performance Products


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Has anyone had any of their products? A friend of mine at work wants to get a chip for his bike and told me about it. Is this "software upgrade" worth the money and time to take the bike all apart to do this? I am not going to run out tomorrow and buy it but maybe down the road if it is worth it I might. Any input for the group?

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for the amount of HP it might add (5-10?), i'm not sure its worth it IMO....the boxer motor is a dog, let's face it...there's only so much you can do (besides increasing the displacement). Just my 2 cents.

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Their chip for the K1200LT is quite effective. Riding buddy has one in his now for a couple of years. Nice change in mid range that seems to hold right up to red line. Shhhhh, don't tell him he is on a light truck, he doesn't ride it like one.

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