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Terry's Seats / Christmas Present


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Terry's Seats in Manchester, TN has a good reputation. This was my Christmas present. I got on his build list last summer; turn-around trip was about 3 weeks, but that may in part because I shipped it to him on December 11 to avoid the holiday rush, and told him I was in no hurry. FedEx confused things a little, first saying it would be delivered Saturday, then Monday, then about 90 minutes ago my wife said a FedEx truck had pulled in the driveway.

Before I could put it on the bike, I had to get out the owner's manual to figure out how to put the on-board toolkit back in place.

To accommodate my short inseam, Terry kept it as low as possible, and when I first looked at it, I worried that he had gone too low. It was just an optical illusion from the bucket shape. It's probably a 1/4" higher than the OEM height, but still manageable. Just for kicks I put my old Alaska Leathers sheepskin on top. It fits better now, and may still be useful on long rides. Which won't be happening for a while given the January weather forecast.


I hadn't realized how well the sweep of the bucket would go with the lines of the bodywork of the F700GS.




$340 + $30 for cost of shipping from Dahlonega, GA to Manchester, TN

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12 hours ago, Skywagon said:

selden...can't see the picture for some strange reason..would like to..sounds interesting.



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I’m very interested also. Pics are a no go for me too. 

Edit...logged off and back on and pics are there. Looks great!!

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14 hours ago, Skywagon said:

selden...can't see the picture for some strange reason..would like to..sounds interesting.


Yeah, the forum does that sometimes with copy/paste. Edited with fresh upload the photos from local storage to see if it makes a difference. Let me know if you can see them now.

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3 hours ago, BamaJohn said:

pics are visible to me (sunday morning)   Looks nice!


Thanks for confirmation. As of 1300 EST, I am still seeing the re-uploaded photos. The temperature has risen above 40°. I'm going for a short butt test ride.


Update: Test ride Twenty miles @ 45°. For comparison, I had a Sargent seat on my R1100RT. I estimate that Terry's is about the same firmness as the Sargent, but with a more pronounced dish, which is exactly what I wanted. I think that the reason it feels a little higher when stopped is because the OEM seat had a softer foam, plus the flare toward the rear. As the foam breaks in, I expect this to go away at stops. I have never ridden a bike with a Russell Day-Long, so I cannot compare, but I have heard that they raise the seat considerably, which is not an option for me. Overall, I am pleased.

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I had Terry redo the seat on my GS.  Good price/reviews and since I don't ride 500 mile days on the GS I went for it. I've had numerous Russell seats they are fantastic but definitely pricey. 


Terry's seat is fantastic Great workmanship and very comfortable at half the price of a Russell. Seems like I had a 7 month wait but he is a one man show. Highly recommended by me as well. 

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FYI, if there are any S1000XR guys around...  Sargent in Jacksonvoille FL  does an outstanding job with their seats...I have had 2 besides this one in the past...



Went over to Sargent last week to watch them set the foam in the mold and recover my seat.  The factory is amazing, I never had any idea how complex the manufacturing process is.  ANYWAY, the seat is just fabulous. Very comfortable. After a while on the bike you forget you are even on a motorcycle. It has a multi density foam with a memory pad in the form. It is called their Revolution seat. They use your seat pan and their foam and what ever type, style and color cover you want. Same comfort is built into the pillion seat.  Turn around is 48 hours, I think...   Later if demand warrants they will build a complete "world" seat with their seat pan. This is my third Sargent seat, I really like them..

r seat.jpg

l seat.jpg

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Sargent makes beautifully crafted seats, but different people have different experiences with them. I rode down to Jacksonville for a fitting for my R1100RT. The Sargent seat was better than OEM, but it required a sheepskin with a layer of memory foam to be truly comfortable. 


One advantage of Sargent is that you don't have to get on a six-month waiting list. Although I had brought a spare seat with me, Sargent offered to do my seat while I waited, which would have required leaving Jacksonville after 3:00 p.m. A blizzard was in the forecast, so I high-tailed it back to Atlanta ASAP,  and the snow started at 11:00 the next morning. This was the storm that shut down Atlanta for a week in 2014. 

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