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Rider EIC Mark Tuttle departs


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Just received the December issue of Rider and was saddened to read the editorial page where EIC Mark Tuttle announced that he is leaving Rider after 36 years.  He briefly touched on his reason for leaving saying that, "Both the motorcycle industry and publishing were changing long before the pandemic, and there are important parts of both that I don't recognize anymore.  For the last couple of years I've been having trouble balancing those changes against everything else that I want to do before I take my last ride."


I've been reading Rider since the mid seventies off and on and I've always enjoyed reading Mark Tuttle's  contributions to the magazine and his insight into all things motorcycle.  I think Rider is about the last printed magazine of its kind dedicated to sport-touring motorcycles and I would miss holding it in my hands each month.  The changes we've seen and are seeing in information dissemination have mostly been the result of World Wide Web.  Sometimes I think the internet has had an overall negative impact on society and there are times I think humanity would have been better off without it.  Boy am I showing my age.:old:

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I’ve been a Rider subscriber for 25 years.   Since they quit the printed magazine this last year I have given it up.   Seems like the  MOA mag and Road Runner are the only ones left in print.  Damn shame.  

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Bonnier has killed off a bunch. The death knell. Cycle World has Kevin Cameron. I read Motorcycle.com and get the MOA and RA mags. That's it. 

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