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and the hits keep on coming.....


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The further I tear into my '15 the more questions I have.  I've owned multiple Rs oilhead/hexhead/camhead, but

never a WC R.  Owned a couple Fs that were water cooled, but they are different animals.


I'm looking at my expansion reservoir and I don't see a hose coming out of the top.

If you look at the micro fiche I can't tell if there should be a hose or not.   I can't believe the hose

just loops from top to bottom. 


Can someone let me know if I'm missing a hose.  I'm the third owner, so no telling what transpired

in the last 5 years.....:facepalm:


Expansion Tank 02.jpg

Expansion Tank 01.jpg

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If I recall correctly the hose should run from the bottom nipple on the tank to a nipple/fitting on the filler neck below the pressure/radiator cap. Others who know far more than I will be along shortly to verify or shoot me down.

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