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Corbin low seat and full bike cover


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Here is a corbin low seat off of my 2006 RT.  It has about 110k miles on it and was in all weather.  I picked up a Sergeant seat a year or so ago, so no longer need this one.  As you can see from the happy snaps, it'll need a recovering.  Also, the heater line popped out when the seat fell off the bike and I never got around to putting it back together.





Also, I have a OSI full cover that came with the bike when I bought it in 2010.  It has been on my bike two times since I've had it and these pictures are one of those times.




Price is $100 for the seat and $75 for the cover donated to the board or Toys for Tots donation or Red Cross Blood donation


You will pay actual shipping costs from 27052 or 27301 (where ever I ship from).  Oh, and, if you get either of these, don't be surprised by the smell of peppermint.  When I bag something, I throw a cottonball of peppermint oil in to aid in keeping unwanteds away.


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