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SECFF December Lunch - CANCELED!

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I (Bernie) am sorry, I can't persuade myself to hold a group lunch of any size while the COVID-19 cases are piling up everywhere in the country.

I am not telling you, that you should not ride, but I don't feel comfortable to have an indoor lunch with anyone. 

And it is too cold to have an outdoor picnic. 

So officially I am canceling the December SECFF Lunch at Yoder's Deutsch House in Montezuma, GA.

If you want to have lunch there, I will gladly post the location for your private lunch.


Yoder's Deitsch Haus


PS: If someone else wants to organize the lunch or just meet there, go for it.

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A small group in 'Bama have been "brown-bagging" it on day rides.  We can usually find a church with picnic table(s) (a southern church "dinner-on-the-grounds" thing), or a public park where we can eat our sandwich.  Works out well, but I'm with Bernie for December thru February, in that eating outside is questionable, even in the deep south.   Sure will be glad when we don't have to look like bandits and can get back to the old l "normal".....

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