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Rubber on the road


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I live in Long Beach, CA and my commute takes me down Shoreline Drive. If you are into auto racing (which I'm not) you will recognize this particular road as the course of the Long Beach Grand Prix. Every April, F1 cars lay down a considerable layer of rubber which lasts for several months on the pavement. Large patches of the road are completely blackened. Which brings me to my question...


Is traction going to increase or decrease when riding over rubber-blackened pavement? How about in wet v. dry conditions?

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I'd take extra care riding over it. Based on my drag racing experience with both slicks and street tires, I find the two rubber compounds to be very incompatible. Where racing rubber grips well on other racing rubber that has been laid down, street compounds get pretty slippery on it.


Your best bet would be to test the adhesion and see how it feels. Of course that may not be practical, so tread gently until it wears away.

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It can get REAL slippery when it gets wet ! We have quite a few accidents here on highway 'on ramps' each year after dry spells in the summer when a lot of rubber (and other stuff) gets laid down on the asfalt..... first day of rain will turn it into an ice rink !

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