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Happy Thanksgiving


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A safe and happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Wetheads. I feel confident that this year's weirdness will remain a blip rather than a trend.


Take good care,



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Same to you and all Forum members.


I am very grateful, and thankful for so many things in my life.  I am blessed to have a computer and internet and a motorcycle and so many other things I take for granted that others do not have.


Even though when I totaled my 07 LT in 2010 I almost totaled me, I am still here and still able to sit a bike.  And a 17.5 low GS at that! 


I have some food in the freezer, coffee, and a normal amount of toilet paper.  My bills and rent are paid and I am warm and dry.


So I am thankful to have a bit more then the basics that many do not have even on this day of Thanksgiving.


I am thankful to be alive and to be able to wish you all a great Thanksgiving.

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Happy Thanksgiving too all. One thing to be thankful for us folks in cold climate locations is that it is the start of Farkle season. 


Next week I'll have my tupperware off my Wethead with plans to make use one of the remaining leads of my ezCAN for additional Break light with the not so legal in the US deceleration flash option turned on.

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Happy Thanksgiving to all the WetHeads, CamHeads, ShiftCams, OilHeads, AirHeads, HexHeads and all other type of bikers or non bikers on this forum.

Stay safe and keep on riding!


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