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Brave Garbage Weather with the Scorpion AT-950 Dual Pane


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Brave Garbage Weather with the Scorpion AT-950 Dual-Pane

Weather happens; maybe you’re a year-round, all-weather rider and maybe not, but if you spend enough time on a bike you’ll find yourself in less-than-ideal conditions at some point. We’ve reviewed Scorpions EXO AT-950 modular adventure helmet previously and the Dual Pane Outrigger model is a specialized version of the same great lid which now excels in cool, cold, and wet weather.

Scorpion AT950 DualPane FBTW

Since ADVMoto has previously reviewed the standard version, I’ll briefly review the overall specifications of both helmets and focus mostly on what sets the Dual Pane version apart and my riding impressions. All versions of the AT-950 start with a polycarbonate shell in three sizes, with dual-density EPS foam for energy absorption, modularity in the sense it can be worn with or without both the peak and the face shield, and modularity in the sense the chin bar flips up to 12 o’clock to give you an open face during stops without removing the helmet. Amenities are rounded out by a drop-down sun shield, vents on the chin and top of head, pockets for Bluetooth speakers, and a soft, moisture-wicking KwikWick II lining. Safety is backed up by a DOT rating, but Scorpion does sell an ECE-rated version overseas; the U.S. versions come with just a DOT approval to save buyers a few bucks.

On the Dual Pane AT-950 the differences start with the face shield, a no-fog, dual-pane lens with a considerable air gap. Scorpion also includes a breath box and chin skirt to enhance the fog prevention. Lastly, the drop-down sun visor is swapped from the standard dark smoke to an amber tint to cut glare and increase contrast. The Outrigger graphics come in three color variations and the matte orange, white, and grey design on my sample is smooth, cleanly printed, and sharp looking. By the way, not only has Scorpion made these improvements but the helmet is also offered at the SAME PRICE as the standard version.

This is my first dalliance with a flip-up, chin bar-equipped helmet and the moment I tried it on, I immediately understood the appeal. Moving the bike around the garage or parking space, stopping for gas, answering my wife’s one last question before I leave, all seem to be made easier with the chin bar up. You can, however, feel the balance shift with the bar up; it’s not made to be worn in the upper position for extended periods while riding. Closing the chin bar is confirmed when the metal pins on either side click into their latches to secure it in place. Once it’s down, the AT-950 is balanced and any additional weight is distributed well.

Technologically speaking, the dual-pane visor uses the same principles as Pinlock-equipped helmets or the double-pane windows in your house: a trapped layer of air or gas insulates one surface from another and the interior does not cool enough to allow fog to form. Since receiving the AT-950, I’ve worn it in any conditions I thought would produce fogging inside the visor. Despite my best efforts, aided by rain, fog, traffic, temperatures at or below the dew point and down to sub-freezing, I’ve not been able to get the dual-pane visor to fog. Opening the visor can be done with either hand, detents at the city-riding and fully-open positions hold firm, and it closes with an authoritative click as the hinge mechanism pulls it tight against the gasket. The only downside I’ve noticed with the dual-pane shield is along the edges; rather than being clear or having only a thin outline along the edge a la Pinlock, Scorpion has opted to frost the shield where it’s a single layer. This catches my eye pretty often, although the field of view is still overall very good with the large shield and eye port of the AT-950.

Scorpion AT950 DualPane SideOpen

I have experienced some fog on the drop-down sun shield, but the anti-fog coating Scorpion has used does the job most of the time. The included breath box certainly does its job as well and helps prevent sun shield fog, although it sits a little low on my nose and I prefer to use the helmet without it. I’m more of a fan of the included chin skirt which does a superb job at keeping the cold air out. Both the breath box and skirt are easily removed without tools.

Overall with the AT-950 Outrigger Dual Pane, Scorpion has taken a solidly put together, versatile helmet, and improved it for winter and rain riding to the point I just don’t have to worry about fog. I can put my focus back on things like riding, traction, and avoiding the driver Snapchatting next to me. I’m not saying every rider needs to have a garbage weather helmet in their closet, but I believe every rider who does will be happy they do when they use it.


MSRP: $289.95 | Sizes: XS–3XL


  • Dual pane visor anti-fog performance
  • Included breath box and chin skirt
  • Flip chin bar and convenience features
  • Removable peak and visor


  • Chin bar hinge adds weight
  • Frosted edge of dual-pane visor

Scorpion AT950 DualPane FrontClosed


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