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Can't set my clock back! (????)


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This is on my 2015 R1200RT. I played with it before and after reading the manual but still can't get the time adjustment to set. When I adjust it in the menu area the clock on the bottom right corner does not reflect the adjustment. Anyone have any ideas? I tried this with and w/o the engine running. mad.png

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There is also a menu where you have to allow the clock to sync with the Nav system. Make sure that is on ( assuming you are using nav?). That will do all the clock adjustments for you. Nice when traveling through time zones...

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I think once you've rolled your hour back, you have to push the wonder wheel to the right to "save" it.  If you go left, it'll just back out the changes.


I changed mine yesterday without issue.

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On 11/3/2020 at 10:52 AM, Skywagon said:

Turn on your GPS in the cradle. Mine sync’s to GPS. The GPS knows the real time

That's it! Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

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