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LED light on the R1100RT dashboard I just spotted


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I was out for a ride and spotted an LED on the dashboard I hadn't see before. It's at the bottom of the white line to the right of oil temperature indicator - See item C from the rider's manual below. It's a on the black dash so maybe its not too surprising that I hadn't seen it before. 

I don't know how cold the oil temp has to get for the "engine oil cold" LED to light.







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It’s not a light. Just a blue marker.. it just indicates that when the bars are in that range, the engine oil is still below operating temperature. Just like the red marker indicates that the oil is hot, above operating temperature, when or if the bars ever get that high.  There is a chart floating around the net that shows the approximate oil temperature for each of the ten bars. If you get yourself riding with 8 or more bars, change the oil.

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