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SOLD - RNineT Classic Spoke Wheels with TKC 80 Tires


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These wheels are off my 2015 RNineT Classic and come with a set of TKC 80 Tires. These had about 8,000 miles on them when I took them off, neither wheel is bent and ride smooth, both wheels have normal wear, the spokes are a tarnished and front spokes have some rust; I think they me be able to be cleaned up but I don't have the time or patience. These do not include the rotors or ABS ring. Rear tire center is about worn out with roughly 1/32 on it, the front tire has about 6/32 on it. Front wheel bearings are included however buyer may want to replace them at their discretion; they were smooth. NOT interested in splitting the set.


Askin' $700 PayPal F&F plus actual shipping or pick up in SWFLA

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