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Long Way Up


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So far, I've watched the first two episodes.


It was interesting that when they were looking for bikes, that Harley allowed Charlie to ride the ONLY electric bike they had for a test ride.  Harley did quickly redesign the bikes being used for a more adventure feel/look.  The duo aren't carrying as much cargo with them as they had in the past.  Rivian gave them two trucks, along with, planting a few thousand charging stations throughout their ride.  The Rivians that made it to Argentina for the start didn't look like completed trucks on the interior.  They also have a solar van, but it failed to charge the bikes, the van is fuel powered.  Of course, as the show goes, there's gonna be issues, especially with the bikes.  Already, they found that the bikes don't like charging in the extreme cold,...hmmm, had to roll them indoors to get charged up.

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John Ranalletta
14 hours ago, Rougarou said:

  Rivian gave them two trucks, along with, planting a few thousand charging stations throughout their ride.   

Man, I'd like to see the bill for that.

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I'm actually more interested in the Rivians.  If a viable electric truck appears before I'm done driving, I'll probably convert.  I really like the feature that allows them to be towed to gain a charge - so someone could essentially bring you a can of electrons if you run out. 

My wife is enjoying the scenery.  We had plans to go to Ecuador this winter, except Covid-19 put the ca-bosh on all travel.

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John Ranalletta
39 minutes ago, Hosstage said:

I think electric vehicles, auto and bike, would meet 90% of our driving needs. It's that last 10% that's the killer.


Good read on the topic from an insider.  http://www.autoextremist.com/


"Make no mistake about it, the dawn of the BEV Era will bring out the best out of the best and the brightest, which is why I am newly optimistic as to where this is all going.

Yes, a booming V8 will always remain close to my heart, but I envision that the dawn of the BEV Era will accelerate the possibilities for companies and consumers alike. Change in this case will be very, very good."

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It a great series like Long Way Around and Long Way Down, but the message of “lowering their carbon footprint” of the trip is very misleading. There charging (4) electric vehicles and fueling (2) additional vehicles for 15K miles. I know everything is going electric, and it is coming at us fast. The infrastructure to support electric vehicles is basically non-existent especially in underdeveloped countries. Where is the power to charge the vehicles going to come from? California already has rolling black outs due to lack of power, what going to happen when you have a couple of million vehicles plugged in every day? Manufacturers need to produce a lot of batteries, those materials need to be mined at a much more aggressive pace to meet the demand of electric cars, trucks, scooter, and bikes. Many of these materials are mined in China who does not have the best environmental track record. Also, what is the toll of on the environment to mine all these materials along with what happen to the batteries when they cannot take a charge anymore? I love motorcycles and I think this trip was amazing, but my two cents is that this trip would have had a much lower carbon footprint on a couple petrol powered bikes.


Just my two cents.


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On 10/29/2020 at 1:43 AM, Red said:

Bodag, you must have read this weeks Wall St Urinal.


I actually do not subscribe, I really enjoyed the series, the scenery was amazing!

I love all things motorcycle, especially motorcycle adventures!




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I watched the entire series and honestly I was impressed with both the Harley Live Wires and the Rivians.   While like most I'd like to see better range on the electric bikes,  they seemed to hold up well in some very extreme conditions and countrysides.  Heck it would be had to find gas there no less a charging station.  And the Rivians were prototypes that they put together in a very short time for this ride and I think it is great exposure.   I like the adventure look they gave the Live Wires and hope they put that into production.   Good for Harley getting some air time.  Never been a huge Harley fan but hope this points them in the right direction. 

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