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Track Baggers


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This seems to have come out of nowhere! :dontknow: Highly modified to the point of not really being what they are, but fun to watch anyway. Maybe some of this development could spillover into the production models. :thumbsup:



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You're right, came out of nowhere, had not heard a thing about it until yesterday. Pretty cool watching them slide those things around the track. While they are not anywhere near stock, they still weigh more than 500 pounds without much for aerodynamic mods. At least they resemble the bikes they're made from, stock frames, unlike Nascar. Fun to watch.

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This was originally planned as just an exhibition for the July event, but when the race was postponed due to CV19 they decided there was enough time to get more bikes built and have themselves an actual race. Looks like it was a blast!!

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The question of "why" is easily answered with another question:

When was the first motorcycle race ever held?

When the second one was built.

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