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need part # for r1100rt sidepanel/tuperwear bmw badge


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mine fell of and need to replace. it the flat basic one, not the fancy 3-d one i need. thanks!

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Blue Beemer Dude

Someone help me out here, because I must be missing the obvious.


If one were to go to the BMW retail centre (or call them) and describe the part that you need to purchase, will they not then determine the part number for you and then present you with said part? dopeslap.gif


Michael confused.gif

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i'd say yes. confused.gif

i plan on mail ordering as the nearest dealer is 3.5 hrs way. there is life beyond major cities and bmw's dealer network sucks.

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Howdy from Houston, everyone. Newbie here.


Here's what I do. Go to:




Click on the A&S Illustrated Parts Catalogue. Pick your model. Look through the breakdowns and find your part numbers (also an excellent way to learn your bike). Write them down.


Then go to www.chicagobmwmotorcycles.com, click on parts, enter in your numbers, and order them for 20% off list. Not a bad deal.thumbsup.gif


Hope this helps.



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