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classified search help with search terms and not sold?


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Is there a wiki or help page for searching on the classified?


Let's say, I were searching for a R1200RT motorcycle that has not been sold yet.  It appears that sellers list this motorcycle as "R1200RT", "R 1200RT" or "R 1200 RT".   I've entered each of these individually, but when I enter all 3 as a search with the option for "ANY of the search term words" and I don't get any hits.

Wondering if this is a user error on my part or my misunderstanding how the search term works.


Also, I would prefer not to see ads for bikes that have been sold.  I've also added "-sold" (with a minus sign) to my search term but I still see classified ads that the seller has added "sold" as a response to their ad.  I wish sold classified ads were tagged as sold with an option in search engine to not show these ads.


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10 hours ago, Jimmy2Time said:

s there a wiki or help page for searching on the classified?


Not really ... you already picked up on the difference between all or any ... the default is all 


The one "hidden" feature is  when you  click on "Topics"  which you should do to narrow your search to posts ... a multi-select drop down appears  at the bottom to choose which forum or forums to search 


10 hours ago, Jimmy2Time said:

"R1200RT", "R 1200RT" or "R 1200 RT"


You do not need quotes around your filters and you do not need a comma between your filters


Also understand that since quotes aren't used, anything with a space in front or behind like the _R_ in R 1200RT or the _RT_ in  R1200 RT ) will be seen as a standalone filter  and the search , in this example , will also try to find any string  containing an R or RT ... 


Consequently this search would be preferred even though it might also find a GS as well as an RT  ( the  R1200  filter )    .....               R1200RT R1200 1200RT


Unfortunately there does not appear a way to use an "exclude" filter ... you can limit your time frame for the search which isn't the same but would at least return "fresh" results

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