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Windshield Advice


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Hello all!


I just bought a 96' R1100RT and after 1500 miles have decided that I need a different windshield. The OEM piece is a little too short and offers some annoying helmet buffeting even in the full upright position. I stand 5' 11" and have an average seated height.


Can anyone offer some advice on aftermarket windshields?

Aeroflow, Parabellum, Cee Bailey's...


Parabellum claims to be able to increase fuel mileage with their piece. With today's gas prices that is pretty attractive.

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I've used CB's +2.5 and Parabellum's +2.5 and +4 over stock windshields on my RT's. I like the +4 over Parabellum best after cutting it down to 3"over. It is wide at the top and I ride with it lower than the other windshields for the desired comfort and protection.

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Ron Jarvis

Hi and Welcome - there are 2 OEM windshields for the '96 RT. You may have the shorter one (believe it measures 15 inches. The taller OEM is 17 inches from the top down to the center opening. I seen several for sale here. The CB I tried (+2.5) was 19 1/2 inches. By going to a +2.5 CB you should be gaining 4.5 inches in height. Any way you can see these and/or compare before buying? Good luck. Ron

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Just to narrow the choices...


I'm 6'2" w 32 inseam and Cee Bailey's monster (4x6?) is good for me. Probably too high for you.



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Hi,Im the same height as you, had the same problem,Aeroflow thumbsup.gifno more buffeting,no more windblast on my shoulders and a great deal quieter.And it only cost me £50 off Ebay clap.gif


Regards Del

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Blue Beemer Dude

I've had good luck with Cee Bailey's w/s. I've got the +2 on my RT and it takes care of the buffeting. Both w/s that I've bought from them have had very minor imperfections, so in that sense the OE are better, but they appear to be thicker and more substantial than OE, so they should be less prone to flapping (although I've not seen a problem with OE w/s doing that except on the new 1200RT).


BTW, my first Beemer was a '96 Silver/green RT just like yours!



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I'm 5'11" And have used the stock windscreen frown.gif

The Aeroflow Offers the most protection - to much for me three seasons of the year. Use it in the winter.

CB + 2 Is what I prefer. Back road riding I leave it down and it's works well. Freeway 70 & above I raise it.

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I posted a couple of reviews on Cee Bailey's, and also described my experience with the BMW "tall" windshield


Post #1 (within another thread on windshields)


My original ride report (Cee Bailey's #2 Euro cut +4.5"


At your height (3" shorter than I am), I'm sure the BMW tall screen (which is +2" or 16"H from middle bottom to middle top) would substantially improve the wind protection. Whether it'd be "right" for you depends on how much protection you require. Some guys get bugged if there's just a bit of wind playing on their shoulders. I was just concerned with the "wind dump" on top of my head, as well as front-fairing buffeting during moderate winds at freeway speeds (i.e. with the shield at near the full up position).


The Cee Bailey's "flip" makes a heck of a difference. So much so, that the +4.5" seems way to high. In the "full down" position, I barely get any wind at all, which will be lousy in hot weather. Talk to others and sales at Cee Bailey's, but I'd think that with a #2 Euro cut screen (which includes the "flip"), stock height or +1" would be as tall as you'd want to go at your height. Maybe add +1" or +2" width if you're concerned about side winds on your shoulders. The stock width is perfect for me.


(Btw, my old BMW "tall" windshield is still sitting in the garage. It looks used, but can be polished up. Let me know if you want to try it for .. I don't know, maybe $45.00.)

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I have the same ('96 RT) as you. I'm an inch taller, and went with the Aeroflow. The difference from stock to this new one was staggering. No more ear plugs required, no more blast of wind to the top of the head. I change my seat height from the highest to the middle and find the middle notch offers the quietest ride. Also, your helmet design plays a big part in "aeropush" pushing toward the handlebars at speed. My new Nolan flip helmet almost eliminates that "push" over my old HJC Symax.


I can't comment on the other brands, but the Aeroflow made all weather riding enjoyable.

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Thanks for the replies!


I think I'll probably do some further...um..."research" wink.gif at some rallies this year. Hopefully I can look at and touch some of the applications.


Has anyone had experience with the Parabellum piece?

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Bart Anderson

FWIW, I'm also 5'11", have tried the Aeroflow and the Parabellum, and prefer the stocker. I run the stocker at full down most of the time unless it's pouring rain. Bigger has seemed to result in more buffeting. I recommend a good helmet and ear plugs...or a gold wing.

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tom collins

I have 2 that I use. For cooler weather, I use the CBailey that is 3 inches taller than stock with a strip of Saeing deflector around the lip (adds about 1 inch of protection and smooths the air markedly). It is large and thick compared to stock, but is completely quiet and I look over it.

I took the stock shield and cut it down to just over the guages for hot weather. The airflow to the helmet area is clean and this provides chest level protection. Also, it will fit in the Givi tail trunck so I can take it with me and refit it at my destination. This is much cooler and the bike is noticibly faster and lighter handling.

Oh, we are close to the same dimensions.


tom collins

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I have the tall BMW windscreen on my 96 RT and just added a Laminar Lip. Cost was $79 plus ship. It works to stop helmet buffeting and, to some degree, shoulder buffeting. For the price, it does a good enough job for me so that I'm no longer intent on spending $200+ on aftermarket.



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