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Young, fancy and free they seem to be! :thumbsup: I found this YouTube channel the other day and thought it worth sharing. A couple young Brits riding Honda C 90 Scooters a very long way. :5146: I’ll bet it was ML’s scooter post that directed my YouTube surf in this direction.

The two that I’ve watched so far. 



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30 minutes ago, Rougarou said:

That's alot of fuel to start that fire



Does appear they are having fun

I know, I was expecting a bigger flash. Guess If he waited a minute longer and the vapors gathered. BOOM!

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Thanks Pat for the posting !! :18:


Just what I was thinking regarding the travel.  Esp. changing out pistons like they were bad fuel. 

Love their young 20's energy and enthusiasm for the enduring the travels.  Their memories will be deep... lucky them... :thumbsup:

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Here’s another YouTube channel that may keep you entertained on an upcoming winter’s day. I don’t know his backstory but he sure seems like a cool dude in a loose mood. :) Check it out! :thumbsup:

Scotty Kerekes



If you’re entertained by a certain Moto Travel channel, feel free to add it here. :thumbsup:

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Here’s one I found interesting. Scotty likes to explore these abandoned old properties he comes across. What I like and he seems to touch on is the history and who may have occupied these places. At work, we have tear down properties every once in a while we get to train in. Reminds me of those places and having similar thoughts of the occupants that may have dwelled there.


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