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R1200RTW Farkles, Accessories, and Modifications


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Very informative video!  :thumbsup:
 Wow, 41 thousand miles in 7 months must look pretty impressive on a map! ;) How many returns home did you make during that time? Lodging? Hotels, Friends, Camping?  

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Hi Tewks,

I went on long loops from RI about 6 times and stayed in chain hotels for about 75% of the time and with family or friends the rest. 
Each loop allowed me to do the major 12k service and swap out tires at home except for 2 times where I did the 12k Service as part of a WetHead Tech Day In CO, and tires at Rocky Mountain ATV in UT. I also had to do an oil change in a WalMart parking lot and they allowed me to recycle the oil properly. (I carried a filter with me for that eventually)

Being retired affords me the time to do these kinds of miles!

Doing a couple of round trips to AK during my working years did require some flex time from work, but it was certainly worth it!

The other pic is an IBA Extreme ride, The Ultimate Coast to Coast to Coast back in 2012. 



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On 10/15/2020 at 10:35 AM, Boxflyer said:

Hi Lee,

ZERO revenue stream for me!

I wish we lived closer so we could do similar videos with the GS!

Well Chris has to making money on the revenue stream from the hits but hey it is nice to recoup as you guys have a lot of time and work and supplies in those videos. 


I dont think there is a more comprehensive resource for free ever released to the general public.


Well I would always love to do a video but I am on a antique bike:grin:


Seeing the new RT it may keep you busy on having a look see on one. 


I would be up to any tech meetings or demos you would like to do if and when we can gather. 


I think this year is the least amount I have put on a motorcycle in 30 or 35 years from back when the kids and commitments came along.

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