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Removing parts from a 2004 r1200clc ... everything must go


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Hello everyone. I am dissecting my r1200clc and don't want any of the extra parts. Currently, everything pictured (except those fenders by the knees) is ready to go. I will accept any reasonable offer. Please keep in mind, I live in Clarksburg MD so shipping will be interesting. 


Not pictured is the entertainment system. It seems to me that the LCD display was water damaged, but the cd changer and speakers should be fine. 


Also worth noting, I will be removing all unnecessary parts from this bike. Cruise control is next. In other words, will be getting rid of more as time goes on.


Let me know



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Sorry, only just noticing the reply. TBH, if someone is willing to come pick it up, I will give you the lot for $300 with everything else that comes off of it. Shipping it complicates things, though. 

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The Rocketman

Wouldn't you maybe have more success posting this on www.Chromeheads.org where there might be a larger pool of buyers for CL parts?

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Hello everyone. These parts are taking up a ton of space, and I really need them gone. I would be glad to sell the lot for $200+shipping, but shipping is proving really tricky. I live in the Washington DC area, so if you are around or know someone that can pick it up, its yours. Here's a list of what I got and some updated pics. 


- Front Fender
- Rear Heated Seat 
- Left, Right and Rear luggage boxes 
- Luggage box mounting assembly 
- 6 disc Changer 
- All electrical associated with changer
- Speakers and mounts 
- Left and Right turn signals 
- Head Light Assembly
- Left and Right Knee Fenders 
- Cruise Control Assembly
- Other stuff too, lost track 




In case you're curious, here's the bike naked




And here's how she looks reassembled at this point


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