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Surely some of you have read it and likely it's influenced your riding, but I'm betting some haven't and may get some value from it. In the mid 90's I began doing weekly rides with a small group of experienced (oldish ) street riders. There was no doubt who the ride leader would be, a fellow named Phil, a retired air traffic controller who’d done a fair amount of racing in the 70's on a Kawasaki Z900 and was a national officer in the Honda Sports Touring Assoc. (he rode an ST1100, VFR750 and later a Blackbird and ST1300). I always rode in the 2nd spot behind him.


He'd read Nick Ienatsch's article when it came out and employed the techniques on our rides, we did this every week for over ten years riding to an interesting lunch spot usually two or three hours away always taking the back roads. I learned a lot from Phil just watching and eventually became a ride leader with other groups, mainly the local BMW club then later the dualsport group CADS. I'd read 'The Pace' too and having raced cars for many years found it translates nicely to driving sportscars in a safer manner on roadways also. Anyway, at a minimum it may give you some things to think about.





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I'm not sure HOW you knew that I needed that reminder, but it was well-received...thanks Bill!   I've come to appreciate your knowledge and experience in motorsports, and your willingness to share that knowledge (and photos too).  

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I always looked at Nick Ienatsch, Phil and Bill (roadscholar) as some of  my mentors. I have learned a lot from you guys over the years.

Thank you for reminding us about this article.

I also would like to mention that Nick Ienatsch did write two follow up articles.

 The Pace 2.0 and The Brake Light Initiative to adapt the The Pace technique for the modern bikes, tires and brake systems.

Nick Ienatsch is still teaching on a regular basis and writes articles for Cycle World.


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