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Airhead Question


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C060A3C5-70E8-40CF-99A2-241D6E5A8CC9.jpeg.d8f750837ebbfe41f82dc685b6d8307d.jpegBike is a ‘76 R90/6 with 22k miles. I  bought it in 2005 and sold it to board member Jake 6 years or so ago who in turn recently sold it back to me. 

I replaced most everything on this bike before I sold it. The one thing left untouched was the wheel bearings. They seem fine and there are no known problems but they are AFAIK 44 years old. Should I do something or just ride? If they need to be replaced or repacked what all is involved? With inferior (Chinese) parts flooding the market can you still get genuine BMW or equivalent bearings anymore? Thanks in advance. I appreciate your expertise. 

These things come to mind when I’m cruising at 60 mph on her.....

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I had a front wheel bearing die on my ‘78 R60. It didn’t implode or seize or anything - it was just sort of like the front brake was engaged (seemed down on power, and then when I pulled over to see what was up, the front wheel clearly didn’t want to rotate). So...not giving advice, but just a datum to make you maybe a bit less nervous on the highway. 

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