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Winter Prep During COVID

RK Ryder

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My '98 R1100RT has not been ridden this year due to COVID (been riding my K). Last November I did a full service on the bike and took about a 20-25 mile ride after the service before putting it away for the winter. Drained the ethanol free gas in May and replaced it with fresh ethanol free fuel. Flushed the brakes again in late June. In the next couple of weeks will once again drain and fill the tank with fresh ethanol free fuel (with stabilizer).


My question is, do I need to change the engine oil before this coming winter? My guess is no, but what would be the reasons (if there are any) for an November oil change.


Thanks in advance.



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4 hours ago, RK Ryder said:

My guess is no, but what would be the reasons (if there are any) for an November oil change.

You have extra oil you need to get rid of?


BMW says every year, unless mileage dictates earlier, but if you’re storing the bike inside I think you’d be fine. 

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If you changed the oil & filter before you put the bike to sleep, you did the right thing.

The "new" oil is still good and fresh. The problem arises when old oil sits in the engine and combustion acids attack the soft bearing materials. I say you're good.

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Thank you for the replies.  The three oils (engine,  transmission & final drive) as well as the oil filter, were all changed eleven months ago.  My well insulated garage rarely drops below 45F during the winter. When I do winter work there I raise the temperature to between 55-65 F. 

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