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Returning Member and Story of Two Deer


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Hey folks, 

I was a regular on this forum a few years ago, now I’m back. It’s good to see a few names I remember that helped me out on various upgrades I was working on for my previous RT,s.
I’m a RT rider, and recently totaled my 2015 RT, the beautiful blue model. Was on a solo trip from Kansas to the MOA Getaway at Copper Mountain, then headed north to Wyoming to the Tetons and Yellowstone. Beautiful weather and scenery, left the East Yellowstone entrance heading to Cody, and collided with two deer at 1:30 in the afternoon on Highway 12/14. Remarkably I kept the bike up, and brought it to a stop on the deserted road. No cell service, no other traffic. Collision ripped off both sides of the front fairing, bent the rear subframe, electronics dangling everywhere, water spurting from underneath, deer fur everywhere,

 (and deer s- -t everywhere). Rode it 40 miles to Cody, where it was spurting oil badly. Short story, bike is totaled. I’m perfectly fine. 


So I’m looking at a new RT and wondering if anyone knows if the 2021 model will have an upgraded display?

Good to be back with you guys!



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Seems we’re doing ok with the BMW deer strikes and no rider injuries. :thumbsup: Hate saying stuff like that (well because) but let’s keep it that way! :clap: I did hear through an ADV dude that seems to be getting pretty solid info over in Germany (I think) that the 2021 RT will have an oversized TFT display.


Welcome back!

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Here is a TFT dashboard worthy of the RT.  It is on a Chinese rip off (tribute) of the R1250Rt. I was never a fan f the box that was the GSA’ TFT Dash.




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I hit a deer a week ago, if you could call it a hit.  Three of us were riding the backroads of N GA.  We saw it cross just in front of the first rider, but when it couldn't get up the very seep bank on the right, it came back down to the ditch, turned towards me, then cut right in front of me.  We weren't going very fast and had slowed more watching all this.  The deer slipped on the pavement as it cut in front of me and was down when my front tire hit it square in its ribcage.  It jerked the handle bars pretty hard, but it got up and went back where it came from.  No damage to either of us, thank goodness.  It's rutting season here and they are moving at all hours.  It's riding season here, too. Be careful out there.

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