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Hi all, new member looking forward to contributing to the Forum and gaining knowledge as well.


Had bikes for last 40 Years and getting back to riding again after a MVA sidelined Me for 4 years.


Looking soon for a 02-04 Rll50rt or K1200lt, will be a Trike Conversion so still trying to figure out which would be best fit for a Trike.

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Yeah welcome back! :thumbsup: Can’t say I’ve seen an RT trike conversion plenty of K12 setups though. Don’t discount the Can Am Spyder, the newer three cylinder motors are awesome! 

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Welcome to the board. What part of the world are you in? 

If you don’t need to be symmetrical, I know where three might be a K1200LT sidecar rig for sale. (Not to knock trikes, but I find hacks to be a lot more fun to ride.)

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