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Anybodys Garmin 2610 screen coating come off?


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After a lot of rain the coating got ripply and the coating flaked off, I assume it was a scratch resistent coating. Anybody else and what did you do?

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Marty Hill


I called garmin and they gave me a new 2610. Mine was about 4 months out of wty at the time. I've always found them to be great.


Good luck.

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Mine did the same thing last month after four months in use. I sent mine in and they replaced the screen under warranty.

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I saw this issue on (KMG_365) Jamie Edmonds' 2610. In an effort to prevent it on MINE, I put a 'Write-Right' screen protector on the screen. (I cut it down from one designed for a PDA with a larger screen.)


The Write-Right doesn't interfere with the touch screen sensitivity at all, and protects it from scratches. (Which are possibly the start of the protective coating failure?) The downside that I've noticed it that it has a slight texture, which can affect visibility in direct sunlight. (It actually cuts harsh glare, but has slightly increased 'haze' when viewed off-axis.)


There may be other (better) screen protectors out there - but these were already in my desk from a Newton that I no longer have.



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When I called them the first time it started to de-laminate, they said it was a flat fee of $200+--some-odd flat rate to fix whatever was wrong with it. I just peeled off the rest of the screen protector and now the screen has a different sheen to it, but it still works most of the time.


I've also got an intermittant shakey-screen problem like there's something tripping the touch screen without being touched. I WAS going to wait until the new version 8 came out and just bite the bullet, but if you guys are getting a replacement out of warranty, maybe I should find out who you talked to! grin.gif

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So your screen is not scratching? I just put on some packing tape over it, lets see how long that last. As for the flicking screen, I get that to, just rub it hard a few times and it stops.

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