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A little bit of downsizing


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I sold my 09 RT last week to a nice gentleman from northern VA.  I had put about 4k on it over the last year but felt I wanted something a bit easier to handle, I'm not getting any younger.  I started looking around for something I didn't have to shift and would be a bit easier to handle when stopped.  That pretty much left something like a NC750 with dct or a big scoot.   I had a scoot before but I got spoiled with BMW.   The seat height on a dct is pretty tall and they can be lowered, but decided it wasnt for me.  After about a month of searching online and getting a buyer for my RT, I made a deal on a 2019 C650 at a NC dealer about 4 hours from the house.  I'd never considered buying a new bike before, but with everything else going on these days I decided to go ahead and take the plunge.  Never say never I guess.  I broke the news to my better half by asking if she was up for a road trip and surprisingly she gave me no grief.  


We left early and had a pleasant 4 hour ride to Greensboro.  The transaction was easy enough.  As part of the deal, we used a company called 50 states DMV that gets the title and registration done for any state along with the plates for about 160 more.  Since this was NC and I live in VA,  I could have gotten the bike with just the title and dealt with VA DMV, but the next appt wasnt till Nov.   So I bit that bullet as well and should hopefully get the paperwork and plates in the mail soon.  In the meantime it has a temp tag on it.  I took it for its first ride this morning.


On the trailer:



New bike miles:



Blue with a matte finish, I like it but it is different



A bit of K Bike DNA in the face



I had forgotten how much fun these big scoots are to ride.  I had a SIlverwing before but this bike is sharper handling and faster.  At idle it sounds very similar, but open the throttle and it has a fairly pronounced "growl" from what I understand was designed that way.  It uses 15" tires fore and aft and has a CVT belt for the transmission but an enclosed chain out to a single sided swingarm.  BMW designed and Kymco built engine but bike is screwed together in Germany.   Fit and finish is very good.  Seat height is a bit shy of 32" but I didn't have too much trouble at stops or maneuvering it around.  Comes with heated grips and seat and electric windscreen.  It's a BMW.






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Took her for another longish ride this morning.  Now has about 180 miles on the clock.  Tank is on the smaller side, about 4 gals and she gets I think around 50mpg.  Starting to get used to the handling and not having to shift.  Takeoff from stop is pretty quick.  Got it over 72 on the way home on the highway.  I do miss the cruise control.  A bit chilly early this morning so I fired up the heated seat.   I feel much more comfortable on this bike and more in control.  Leaning into turns quite a bit more too, very narrow chicken stripes on the tires.  Guess I'm a scooter guy.


Ordered a mount for a topcase last night.  Just not enough usable room under the seat if you want to stow a helmet.   Birthday coming up in a month, so I'll let my bride get that for me.  Only other mod will be to put a 12v outlet on the outside of the bike so I can plug in the GPS without the wire sticking out of the compartment door.  

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Nice way to downsize!!! That makes me miss my 2009 Yamaha Tmax 500.

Super scoots are a blast; that's what I plan to do when I am no longer confident with the weight of my RT.



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 About 10 years ago I bought my wife a Yamaha Majesty.  She put about 6500 miles on it and decided she did not want to ride anymore .  Less stress just jumping on the back with me   LOL.  Anyway , thought about selling it ,  but decided to keep it for when the other bikes get too heavy.   Scary thing is that it isn’t that far away.  Great little machine and will do 80 mph down the highway all day long   Lots of mods and farkels for them but the only thing I’ll do is put a top case on it .  It started its life as Silver, but was a little bland so I painted it a Harley red pearl metallic. H.D. has some of the nicest colors. 



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