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Sargent vs. Russell for R12RT


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In the market for a new seat for my R12RT and have narrowed the choices to either a Sargent or Russell. The pros and cons as I see it are:


Sargent Pros

- Very fast delivery

- Additional underseat storage compartments

- No lost riding time


Sargent Cons

- Needs yet another controller and wiring if I want to maintain the heated seat option

- May not "fit"


Russell Pros

- Custom made seat

- Retains RT's heated seat controls

- 1 year to get the fit right


Russell Cons

- Lost riding time since they need my seat pans, I live in No. VA so no matter when I send the pans I will lose some riding time.


The cost of each set up is about the same. I have a slight preference for leather, all that said it seems that Russell is the way to go. Is there something I'm missing?


BTW if anyone has a set of RT seat pans they are considering selling...



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I agree with your assessment and suggest that you consider Rick Mayer in addition to Russell. Both do an excellent job.

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Have both the Russell and the Sargents, or more correctly, Sargents recovered my pan. Your assessment is close and either will "redo" upon request so save the box. The Russell is a little more comfy but it locks me into one position, is a little too "tall", and you need to use a rain cover for the leather. Am leaving soon for a tour and plan on taking the Sargent leaving the Russell for day rides. Bill

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I agree with your assessment and suggest that you consider Rick Mayer in addition to Russell. Both do an excellent job.

I have a Bil Mayer saddle on my RY and a Rick Mayer saddle on my GS comfort is about the same. Delivery time and service far better with Bill Mayer Saddles. My wife and I did a trip of 6,000 miles on the Bill Mayer Sadddles and were happy with them.

Has a Russel on a prior GS, was too tall for me and my wife didn't like the pillion saddle. No experience with Sargent.

You pays yer money and makes yer cherce! dopeslap.gif


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I have considered getting the Sargent first. If I'm happy with it, I'll be done. If I'm not happy with it I'll send the stock seat to either Rick Mayer or Russell, and use the Sargent until I get the custom seat. Then I can sell the Sargent with no lost riding time. It will cost a little more if I don't like the Sargent, but there is no down time for riding.


If you don't mind messing around with covers and seat pads, I tried something on the way to and from El Paseo that worked quite well. I used an Alaska Leather sheepskin over a medium cruiser size Air Hawk. I rode about 800 miles straight through on the way back, and was very comfortable.

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I have a Sargent on my 1150RT. A friend of mine has a Russell on this 1200RT. We both like them. You pays your money and you takes your chances.


Yankee Dog

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