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Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart IV


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Improved performance and 23%/26% longer tire life?  What's not to like.  Although the claim of more nimble steering makes me wonder, because I found the RSIIIs already quicker-steering than the PR4s they replaced.

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The RS III's were the best handling, best riding tires I have had on the Wethead RT. Wear on the front was poor. They were noisy after about half worn. 


BUT..I did like that ride and handling! 


Claims of this much mileage increase are BS for the most part. Especially since the front wore quicker than the rear for me. The T-31 Bridgestone is the only tire so far that showed a significant increase in mileage over it's predecessor for me ( T-30 EVO and T-30 ). 


Does anyone find it odd that the chart on the link above says the new RS IV doesn't fit our RT's?  More of the GT, A Spec, Heavyweight BS or what? 

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8 minutes ago, AZgman said:

Dunlop may start out with only a few sizes and then expand later. It appears they intend to keep making the RS III for awhile too.

One of the magazine tests for the RS IV shows them mounted on a new RT.....


They list the sizes for the RT as available in the chart. Perhaps just a glitch in their "fits your bike" chart. 

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On 8/19/2020 at 6:03 AM, realshelby said:


Does anyone find it odd that the chart on the link above says the new RS IV doesn't fit our RT's?  More of the GT, A Spec, Heavyweight BS or what? 

I am interested in trying a new set of Roadsmart IV's. So this is my question/concern, too.  RS III's are approved (even the Q3+ is approved) , but not the new RS IV?  Why?  What is the reasoning?  I may have to go with the Michelin Road 5 GT's.


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I have not run the Michelin Road 5's on anything. Until I see a reason to change, the Bridgestone T-31 GT is a better tire than the PR 4. Even at the same price. BUT..the price is not the same. T-31 GT's are available for under $240 a pair delivered. 

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Before purchasing a set RS4s, I emailed Dunlop to inquire why their fitment chart did not list the R1200RTLC. He replied (promptly) that the tire was designed for heavy weight sport touring bikes including the RT, but that the fitment guide had not been updated to reflect that. At 4000 miles, I can't comment on wear but they handle as well as the RS3s, which I have used for about 10 sets. There is no quantum improvement in turn-in that I can discern. The price differential between the 3 and 4 series tires per set is about 100.00. I'm going to need to see much improved tread life to justify the additional cost. I'm also curious to see if the new tire will maintain its handling characteristics as well as the 3 series as it nears the end of tread life.

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