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ZTECHNIK Windshield


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Has anyone bought one of these windshields that you can write a brief review on? Is it as quiet and calm as they say?



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I wish I knew....I've tried Laminar Lip w/Tobinators on the stock GS screen and it still feels like I'm in a hurricane.

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Info like rider height and windshield height/width compared to stock would be useful in that review. thumbsup.gif

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I have ztechnik on R1200RT, really like it, lot less turbelance effect, no distortion when looking thru it. It is 26 1/2" on center tall and 28" wide at top. I am 5' 10" and keep it to where i can look over top of it. Can raise it up and look thru it if i want to, don't know about 2up, ride solo, wife has own bike. I highly recommend this windshield. clap.gif

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Thanks Jim for the review!. As discussed on another thread here in reagrds to the C1 and C2 which I bought the C2 on the notion it was very quite. The windshield I have dumps the air flow right at the helmet though not a lot of felt turblance there is a lot of "noise". If I stood up on the pegs and got the C2 in a "clean" stream of air it was so quiet I could ride without ear plugs.


For the rest of you out there. I just spoke with Greg at ZTECHNIK, the R1150RT windshields just got released and run $179. You can not order direct you must go through your local dealer. If you KNOW your local dealer you can give them a call and order over the phone. ZTECHNIK will ship directly to your house saving a trip to the dealer.

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Just got back last nite from 6 days on the road, from Montreal area to Cherokee Tenn. and back. Via some of the usual 'must do' routes, Skyline, Parkway, Rte. 28 and of course, Rte. 129!!! Did the Dragon 4 times just to be sure I got it right clap.gifgrin.gifclap.gif. All in all it was 4,300+ kms. with the Ztechnic winshield.


I put it on the day it arrived and left the next day, so as I pulled out of the driveway I was a little anxious about how it would perform. By the time I got to Max BMW for the Hedge Petersen presentation later that day I was pretty impressed. This is a definate improvement over the stock windshield!! I am 5' 91/2" with a 32" inseam and can see over with no problem. Fully up I look thru the top 2-3" with no distortion, not that I ever do that.


The only issue I have is the fact that fully up (see above...) the bike demonstrates a tendency to 'wander'. I am sure this is because the Ztechnic is about 4" wider on either side just at the top and so it acts like a 'handle' for the wind to 'wiggle' the bike under. It might be O.K. in perfectly still air but on I-81 that is non-existant. It isn't a problem for me since I am a 'look over' kinda guy but if you like to 'look thru' and are my height or taller you will need it at the top and will suffer the handling effect.


I am very pleased with this addition to the R12RT and will be happy to leave it on the bike. Next test is with the boss on the back blush.gif.



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I had previously posted on this with a positive review, I have about a couple of thousand miles now with the sheild and I am very happy (5'11') I don't need to put the new screen all the way up vs. the stock screen which was noisy and windy at all the way up. The pillion also gave very positive reviews after almost 1000miles last week/end. In gusty conditions however, I think that it does kind of act a little sail like, nothing bothersome, it is just much wider than stock. I got 46mpg with pillion, top box, and side cases LOADED over the last few days.



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I just received my ZTechnik for my R12RT this week. I had a chance to run around most of today with the w/s in place.

The reason I went with this shield was to (hopefully) calm down some of the turbulence I was experiencing with the stock shield.


BTW, I am 6'3", ride with the seat up. I did not want to block all air, just calm it down a bit. I ride with the shield as low as possible, because I do like some air flow, just not turbulent air.


As it seems to be turning out, the sweet spot for me w/ this shield is with it raised only about 1 to 2 inches from it's lowest position.


The findings today mirror what others seem to have noticed.


1) The dirty air that had been coming off the side of the stock w/s is GONE now. What a difference! This alone has quieted my ride significantly. I was evidently getting a lot of this noisy air from the stock shield right up the bottom of my helmet sides.


2) With the shield in the position I mention above, I am getting air flow over the top of the shield, but it too is smoother, less noisy.


I have not run the shield all the way up yet at highway speeds to sense the sail/wandering effect that others have mentioned.


If I had wanted total stillness behind the shield, I probably would have went with a very tall CeeBailey, which I have used on other bikes. But I would always take off the CB in hot weather...and go back to the noisy stock shield. I am hopeful, that because I still am getting air flow (but QUIETER), I will be able to use this shield even in hot weather.


So far, this shield gets 7 out of 10 stars. wink.gif


Fingers crossed for Barb's evaluation, as I was running solo today.

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What's the height of this shield once mounted - shorter, same. or taller than stock?



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From my calculations the ztechnik is 2 1/2" taller than stock at center of windshield


If the spec's from both companies are accurate, and measured similarly, then the ZT would be the same height as the Cee Bailey +2.



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Just a note that I received my K-RS mirrors to add on the bars for a better look at where I have been. wink.gif


With the ZTechnik w/s in the full down position, the aux. mirrors will hit that awfully wide top section of the w/s when I have the bars at full lock.


I will experiment at what height I need the w/s to be so the mirrors do not hit. I suspect pretty high.




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