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Sport Tire Choices for the 12GS


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I'm going to need some tires soon, so I revisited what is now available in the US for the R12GS. The four dual-sport choices are still pretty much the same (the Anakee is far and away my favorite in that category), but the street tire choices have gone from one to four:


Michelin Pilot Road

Bridgestone BT020

Metzeler Z6

Avon AV46ST/AV45


I'm particularly excited about the last choice. I discovered those years ago on the ST4S, and fell in love with them. I love the profile on the front and how it affects handling. And the rear gripped better under power and leaned over than "sportier" tires that lasted half as long.


I think I'm going to try the Avons.

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David, curious more than anything. You've got two bikes in your garage, a "adventure" bike and a sport bike.


You've proven the merits of the anakees on the track, and you've got the Aprilla there too...why wouldn't you be putting some dual-sport class tires on that GS?


My motivation is partially fuelled by my own thoughts for my next set of tires for the Buell. But I have only one bike. So compromise is in order.

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Steve, to me it's more about just being curious. The Anakee off-road traction is far closer to a sport tire than to a true dual-sport tire (like a TKC-80), so I wouldn't lose all that much off-road ability (since the Anakee has very little anyway) and I figured it might just be fun to try them.


In the end, though, I may stick with the Anakees. If I were going to use the GS much on the track anymore (I'm not), I'd definitely switch to the Avons. The Anakees turn into liquid rubber and start squirming about 4 laps of hard riding. You can accomplish a lot on them, but I'd love the greater grip of the Avons when hot.

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the Anakee is far and away my favorite in that category),



I have an Anakee that I will make you a super deal on... grin.gif

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I have an Anakee that I will make you a super deal on... grin.gif


Thanks, but I've found that round tires seem to do better. smile.gif

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I have heard good things about the Pirelli Diablo Strada.

Have you heard anything about them?


They make a rear that'll fit, but not a front.

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Well, I don't know how extreme your street riding is, but I went through several sets of 020s on an RS, much of it at "ticket me right now" speeds, and found them to be very, very good, even in the wet. No, they are not a hardcore sport tire, but they last a pretty long time.



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The've tested a few of these tires in Motorrad not to long ago on a Honda Varadero, the test included most all-road tires (incl. Anakee, Tourance) and 2 road tires, the Bridgestone BT020 and the Michelin Pilot Road.


The test result was 1ste place for the Michelin Pilot Road in wet and dry. Bridgestone came, I believe, 5th in dry and 3th in wet.



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just switched to BT020's and I'm very happy with them - huge difference - if road pilots are supposed to be better I may try them next - really like the stones

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