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Aluminum Frame Plugs


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I made Frame Plugs for my '17RT this winter and posted them on the WETHEAD side of this forum.
They seem to work well on the GS models (2014-2020) as well
For those that haven't ventured there you can search -"in my boredom I made these disc’s"
You can get them with or without the BMW logo
2 pcs/set
These are CNC machined from billet aluminum
(Credit to Colorado Jeff for the first pic)
If you're interested message me for details

BMW Logo for Joe v2.jpg

Small frame plug.jpg


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I got a set of these after seeing Joe's post in the Wetheads forum.  These are top-notch quality and really finish the frame holes nicely on the GS.  I have been looking for something like this for some time.  Photos below.  The aluminum plug goes into the opening with a bead of silicone around the top.  You can just leave them that way -- they look great naked -- or add the self-adhesive BMW logo to the plug.  Install is an easy 5 minutes or less.


Thanks again Joe!

20200615_155014_resized (002).jpg

20200615_155026_resized (002).jpg

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